Friday, July 3, 2015

The Firearm Is The Symbol Of Individual Sovereignty

Whenever we abridge the freedom of others, and refuse to defend their rights, we enfeeble that right for ourselves, and we send that right to our children in a weakened form. Banning disgusting political speech will bottle up our true expressive desires and create a powder keg of anger in the affected minority, in this case, progeny of confederate war veterans.

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Anonymous said...

doesn't matter if you're from north or south -- the civil war is part of our history. there is no shedding just the bad parts. and to throw it all away is to discard the heritage from both sides. lots of people acting like spoiled little two-year old's whining about things they don't understand. very good thing you're back up to writing. could you repost about the july 6th declaration on the necessity of taking up arms? not that most of us need a reminder. the gun control folks keep acting like we have forgotten though.