Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The video of my statement to the Birmingham City Council.

Video begins at approx. 2:34. You should have seen the looks on the faces of the politicos in front of me. For them it was like an auto accident. They were aghast but couldn't turn away.
The YouTube of this should be up later this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

GREAT words and WELL delivered>
I bet the faces on those on the panel were in a state of SHOCK. I was watching a few in the background behind you as well and that one female was trying hard to keep from shaking her head (in disagreement with your words). Sure would have been fun to hear what she leaned over and told the women sitting next to her.

My thanks to you Mike for stating what so many of us think and say daily.

We need a way to replicate you a thousand times over.

Jackie Juntti

Anonymous said...

Even those behind you were stunned. It was sooooo interesting to see the prior speaker got interaction from the council, but none had a word to say to you. Gee, whodathunkit? Now, I understood the Taliban sledgehammer reference, but those politicos almost absolutely have no clue what you meant. These folks are not used to having an educated individual take them to task. The Mayor almost says "next speaker" before you finish saying "thank you'.

The "eyeroll" from the gal over your right shoulder had me smiling. SHe tried to laugh of what you were saying, she was itching to interrupt you, and as you proceeded, it shows that she checks out, obviously because she cannot think of any thing to say in retort. No thought destroying your points, just a self evident display of wanting your comments to end, so she didn't have to be "offended" by it any longer.

The fella over her shoulder was itchty butt too. Hand over mouth the entire time, just like the gal, trying to keep from blurting out it seemed.

Here is the thing about what you did Mike. They couldn't care less. Those there, they forgot every word you said two seconds after you said it. Sadly, this is the status of our "governance" today. Questions go unanswered. Comments go unresolved. Counterpoints never come. And they do whatever political garbage they wanted to before you spoke.

BUT what YOU DID ACCOMPLISH was eliminate their attempt to sanitize the historical record. No, you might not affect their decision to try to tear down history, but you registered recorded opposition to them doing so! Even IF they tear down that monument, history will STILL show them being responsible for exactly what you said they would - thus show them joining the very regimes you cited.

Great Job Mike! History thanks you. Posterity thanks you. I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Everyone must watch the blacklivesmatter shirt wearer go off! He was pissed off because he got no answers! He calls out the mayor for not answering questions. LOLOLOLOLOL Homeboy just found out how his DEMOCRAT leadership operates....no answers for you homie. Maybe voting democrat in bloc isn't such a good idea after all, eh? Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

I could hear the collective shock & awe during the speech. Also the Ho-Hum Thank You, next speaker as soon as possible please reply.
Hope and prayers it sunk in.

Thanks for your sincere and determined efforts.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Where do they end with their sledgehammers?

Anonymous said...

@ 2 hrs 34 min ... not 2:34 to eliminate confusion. However, these meetings are just dog and pony shows. Your words have no effect. They already had a meeting in secret to decide the matters before it. So your words will only be heard by the public which I think is OK too.

Joe said...

Bless you, sir. I show the actual time index start point for
your speech start at The Birmingham City Council Link as closer to:


I respectfully suggest that this clip be copied and mirrored, asap.


Anonymous said...

First off, I do not know how you actually feel but..."Darling, you look marvelous!" I can only hope you feel as good as you look.
Furthermore, you nailed it baby! Very well written and delivered masterfully. Bravo!
The expressions on the faces and body language of "the usual suspects" behind you, especially the white liberal female over your left shoulder were precious. Could you feel the outrage and confusion roiling behind you?
Well done Mike!!!

j said...

As the line from Braveheart goes - "Well, I think that was a bit less cordial than they expected/" Well done.

J. Travis said...

Worthy words Mike...
I'm sorry to say, such is not appreciated in the hysteria of the day.

Rhodes said...

Pearls before swine...

Acts238willy said...

My comment was censored?