Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Judge To Bakers: No Free Speech For You

A judge has forbidden a pair of bakers who wouldn’t participate in a gay wedding from talking about their moral beliefs. Ever.


Jimmy the Saint said...

It was a labor commissioner who made the gag order, not a judge. Labor commission hearings and court trials are very different animals.

Anonymous said...

To put it bluntly: What a crock of shit. Clearly the lesbians "made up" an 'emotional distress' scenario to help their case.

Anonymous said...

They need to leave the state and start over else where.

Anonymous said...

Former CNN Anchor Tells Gun Control Activists to ‘Shut the F*ck Up’


Anonymous said...

And I would have done just what they did,

Go Straight to the Press and tell all.


Anonymous said...

"They need to leave the state and start over else where."

Isn't that how/why this country got started in the first place?

At some point people need to stop running and start fighting IMHO, been done before & can happen again!

When tyranny is law
Rebellion is duty!

Comrade X

MikeH. said...

A few days ago, a baker was ordered to pay $135,000.00 for refusing to bake a cake (let me repeat... bake a freaking cake!!!) for a "same sex couple". Should we assume that soon, there will be a form of "malpractice insurance" required of all bakers to assure they can pay that kind of unreasonable and unjust punishment?

Whatever happened to the age old business axiom "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason"?

Amerika needs to wake up soon. Otherwise there won't be any of us old farts left around to teach the truth to the totally misguided generations that have come after ours.

A geriatric III per

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a MASSIVE demonstration at the labor office and the labor commissioner home! 24/7 until he removes the gag order.

The first shot has been fired............. again and again! The current administration is lawless and will do anything to achieve the goal. They don't care about the laws.

Anonymous said...

This isn't even a real judge, it's an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) appointed by the Labor Commissar. Not a real court, not a real trial.

Robin said...

Why is anyone paying attention to this "gag" order? It is clearly prior restraint and therefore unconstitutional. That makes it illegal. Disobey it, let them arrest you, then sue the guy for "deprivation of rights under color of law". Qualified immunity will probably be denied since this is so blatant. Publicly denounce this guy to every media outlet that will listen. Publicly shame him. Never give up, never surrender!

Anonymous said...

I believe these Women attempted to have me reject their Sodomite Celebration in a hall that I book. I immediately knew what was going on and quoted them a price approximately 15x what I would charge for a party for nice people who don't lie to me.

They didn't come back. I think they went to order a cake.

If they had agreed to my terms, I would have taken a non-refundable 20% deposit. No problem.
If the event turned out to be anything more than people getting together for an orderly event, it gets shut down after the first warning, just like anyone else, without refund. No, you can't smoke pot in here. No, you can't drink from bottles- buy drinks at the bar. No, you can't celebrate nudity in here. Minors must be accompanied by their own parents at all times and go home at 10pm. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

IIRC, these ladies were shopping for lawsuits more than wedding services.
Disagreements with liberals are now mental rape, what about real rapists
like Billy Clinton, Cosby and others. Doesn't statements like that trivialize
real assualts?
Everyday is opposite day for collectivists.

Paul III said...

When my state said you couldn't smoke in public places(Pennsylvania), I owned a business and you can't even allow a smoking section. I don't even smoke, and I immediately installed a sign saying "smoking section" on the door leading to break room and shop.Several customers came in and said " how do you get away with that"? I said that I pay taxes and I own this business not the f**k**G government. I was visited by the town clowns and they told me that they could smell cigarette smoke and I bad to take the sign down. I told them to go to hell. "don't you see the Employees only' sign below it, that's MY private area and I can let anybody in there I want and do whatever I allow". I then ordered them off my property and placed my hand on my handgun. They left and I heard no more about it. If you let them get away with any of your rights, then the machine goes on. I would never allow them to tell me whether or not I had to do ANYTHING, I still don't Participate in obozocare, and I would have shot that cop if he wouldn't have stood down. You have only the rights that you take forcefully. Paul Paver Jr.