Thursday, July 2, 2015

NRA's chronic amnesia. Kasich hitches a ride on the Weenie Wagon.

You'd think the NRA would learn. I guess not. Gun-rights lobby now OK with Kasich despite 1994 weapons-ban vote


jeffrey mcfadden said...

you know mike we in ohio have had a run of really bad govs in ohio. remember the "bearded one"? dick celeste before he dicks you! then voinovich , the guy who shed tears in the senate when he was a senator? then the boy wonder taft? taft was 2 faced about carry permit legislation. he said he was in favor, and did everything he could to de rail it. now this loser kasich! he had some stupid remarks a couple months ago about taxes and drilling for gas. kasich is arrogant and has a bad temper if he does not get his way. some would say we have not had a good one since rhodes, but rhodes will always be remembered for kent state, and that is a very large can of worms. seriously, can this state EVER elect a good/decent gov?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Kasich!

Another RINO POST (Piece Of Shit Traitor)

The republican party leadership in Ohio are ALL RINO, ALL THE TIME!

NRA? More of the same.

Anonymous said...

You apparently don't think a man can change. Oh, I remember, Mike Vanderboegh used to be a communist. I don't think he is any more. Golly, he must have changed! But I guess Kasich could not have changed, huh?

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

An asshole can't change his smell; and Kasich stinks.

Anonymous said...

“It didn’t have any impact,” Kasich said. “The reality is, what I’d like to see come out of it and the reality of it are two different things. - This tells me that he secretly WANTS more anti-gun laws. I don't trust him.