Thursday, July 2, 2015

Can you say "oops," sheethead?

Racist white guys ‘looking for a fight’ regret finding black man with CCL

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Jerry The Geek said...

The number of comments on the original article which seem to goad the defensive shooter into a killing frenzy are ... unfortunate.

The defensive goal is not to enter a situation where gunfire is needed. Obviously, this situation meets that criteria; the shooter attempted to avoid confrontation and further he warned his assailants that he was armed and prepared to defend himself.

The subsequent events were not his choice, and I applaud him for his measured response.

However, the blood-thirsty comments on the website are appalling! They make it appear as if every person who is licensed to carry a concealed firearm is just LOOKING for an opportunity (or an "excuse") to legally kill someone.

While I agree that a .22 is not sufficient to stop a determined attacker, it's obvious that it's sufficient to deter a couple of drunks whose intent is to feed their racist agenda.

I would caution the cementers on to tone down the rhetoric.

Incidentally, I would have added my comments to the original article, but the level of hysteria makes it a less-than-appealing forum to enter.

Those people are the stereo-typical "Gun Nuts", and they tarnish the rest of us with their aggressive attitudes.