Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cuomo craps out.

Cuomo administration suspends development of statewide database of ammunition sales, key element of SAFE Act


the Plinker said...

Seems like Capo Cuomo's tail fits between his legs quite well on occasion.

AaronW said...

As a resident of New York State, I've been suffering with SAFE, and all of the legacy laws from before it was even an idea.
I DO NOT agree that this is a "key part" - the real cornerstones of SAFE were doing away with private sales and of course the tightening of controls on rifles with military appearance and features.
A few months after its passage it was already clear to both sides that implementing something like this would be super expensive and cumbersome. In other words, stillborn. This is the equivalent of being shocked and horrified when Dr. Kevorkian administers the fatal drip to someone with no medulla and a silent EEG.
The Borglums didn't declare their monument nearly done when the first struck chisel to stone, and we residents of NY State shouldn't be acting like we're on our way to freedom from this first incremental chipping away.
When I read the announcement from SCOPE, it was clear to me that this minor change to SAFE required an enormous expenditure of political capital in Albany.
Erasing the rest of SAFE will be Herculean and Sysiphian at the same time - the legislators there keep drafting laws that need to be fought off, which drains energy and political capital away from repealing more parts of SAFE, let alone the ludicrous and Antiquarian and even less Constitutional Sullivan which no one seems to talk much about.