Saturday, July 11, 2015

And I crap out on the gun show.

Sorry folks, but I had no business going in to the show today after the night I had, and Rosey had to come pick me up about 12:30 Central. It was a wash-out anyway up to that point, because I sold virtually nothing and only one reader dropped by, although I WAS popular amongst the Daughters of the Confederacy crowd for my speech on Tuesday to the Birmingham City Council.
Anyway, I'm going to try to get caught up on my sleep this afternoon and will be back in there tomorrow. Sorry if any of you missed me because I crapped out on you.


Anonymous said...

Mike, the Lord knows I look forward to your daily posts but please. Save your strength. You soldiered up for a partial day. That's plenty. Now, take it easy today and for petes sake Take yer Wife out for a nice brunch tomorrow, after church, and spend the day with her. Cherish her, pamper her and show her that you care as much about her as you do your country.

We can look forward to hearing from you Monday.

Take some R&R, soldier. It is well earned.


prambo said...

Please take care of yourself Mike.

We old bastard reformed-lefties (yeah, me too) have to live as long as possible. Even if all we do do is piss the collectivist scum off for a longer time.

Galaxie_Man said...

No such luck here in Kommiecticut with King Dannel I of Malloy ever signing off on such a roll back. First off, with single party rule in the General Assembly, State Senate, Executive Office, and of course the plethora of liberal activist judges at every level, no such thing would ever be proposed, signed, or constitutionally ruled on properly.

We are forever screwed here. ACD (Armed Civil Disobedience) until I can GTFO!

Kit Lange said...

Do not waste your precious physical resources. Yes LFA needs funds but not at your expense. Please take care of yourself first and foremost. LFA will make it work. We would much rather have you around than all the money in the world. Prayers for your health and comfort.


Anonymous said...

It's time to rest. You've earned it. My prayers are with you.

FedUp said...

Good old Birmingham.

"An Alabama man recorded his illegal arrest in Birmingham for recording outside of a federal building, after the officer asserts that they do not care about the Supreme Court.

Lynwood Keith Golden was out exercising his First Amendment rights and recording on June 9, when a pair of Birmingham Police Officers confronted him, alleging that federal agents had told him to leave the area.

Golden maintains that he has evidence that this is untrue, but is hesitant to release it before his court appearance.

Golden recently retired from the Army after 23 years, including serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and told PINAC that it hurts seeing rights violations in his own country."