Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Guns in Your Face." Well, we won the open carry fight in Texas at long last, and Gail Collins of the New York Times wets her panties over it.

Finally, after armed civil disobedience rallies at places all over Texas (proud to say I've spoken at three myself) we now have have open carry in Texas: At Shooting Range, Abbott Signs "Open Carry" Bill
But Gail Collins of the New York Times wails, "We’ve moved from the right to bear arms to the right to flaunt arms."
In Texas, where open carry had been banned since the post-Civil War era, protesters staged demonstrations all around the state, toting their guns to family restaurants and storming the State Capitol, where they confronted one unsympathetic lawmaker in his office. In response, the Legislature enabled House members to install panic buttons in their offices, and then legalized open carry for Texans with gun permits.
Get used to it, lady. In the process, she also admits the racist roots of gun control:
Some commentators have attributed the whole open-carry phenomenon to white American men trying to work out their insecurities. . . . Still, you can’t help but notice that there’s a certain demographic consistency to the people who are making a scene over their right to display arms. It wasn’t always that way. California passed its first ban on open carry in the 1960s in response to the Black Panther Party.
“The Legislature was debating an open-carry law when 30 Black Panthers showed up at the Statehouse with their guns,” said Adam Winkler, a professor of law at U.C.L.A. and the author of “Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America.”
“The same day Gov. Ronald Reagan made a speech, saying there’s no reason why a law-abiding person should be carrying a gun on the street.”
Maybe the way to turn this debate around would bring new recruits into the gun rights movement. “If open-carry advocates today were Marxist-leaning black radicals,” said Winkler, “we might have a very different situation.”
Wouldn't make a darn bit of difference to me, but Collins admitting these racist roots of modern gun control is fine by me too. It is on a par with Bloomberg's admission he wants to disarm black folks.


Anonymous said...

I for one am at the stage of, if I see someone reading the NYT (and believing that drivel), I'm certain I stand before someone who also believes in fairy-tales, and that a stage magicians tricks are genuine occult magic. Not to mention the fact that they're probably reading it to impress fellow, like-minded hipster phony's who desperately want to be part of "The System". Of course there are a few others reading it, like mike, just to expose their charade and to give the rest of us a good laugh..

TheBohunk said...

Life is full of compromises, Gail. Many of them make us unhappy. I have to see gays make out in public. I think you can handle the sight of a gun on somebody's hip.

How about we just leave eachother alone?

Backwoods Engineer said...

Soon, I predict, the gun-banners will take Bloomberg and Collins' lead and become openly racist, saying that if we don't ban handguns, the blacks will arm themselves, and white girls will be in peril. Democrats were always the true racists, going back to their origins in America.

I for one welcome an armed black population, right along with an armed white population, an armed Asian population, an armed Amerindian population... an armed society is a polite society, and soon, the impolite are killed or are behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Funny, they don't mention the Korean shopkeepers in LA...

Gee, I wonder why..


Anonymous said...

As is typical of the left, she 'conveniently' neglected to mention two VERY pertinent facts. 1) Open carry of long guns has been legal in Texas for a long time. 2) the prohibition against open carry of handguns was foisted on Texans by carpetbaggers (that would most likely be her ancestors). And of course she also neglected to mention that there has been a long standing effort to overturn the hand gun ban but it has been blocked by a succession of liberals and democrats (but I repeat myself) with the complicity of anti-gun 'republicans' like current speaker of the state house joestrauss..................

Ed said...

Backwoods Engineer gave the hypothetical situation "...if we don't ban handguns, the blacks will arm themselves, and white girls will be in peril." That is both openly racist and sexist.

Arm the white girls, the black girls, all the girls, and we will all be safer. Let them all, female and male, of whatever color, have the equal opportunity and means to defend themselves effectively.

If you get called to jury duty, understand that those who were carrying a weapon and used it to defend themselves were not "looking for trouble". They were actively trying to avoid trouble. As the saying goes (with a delicious use of a double double negative) - "Don't start no trouble and won't be no trouble."