Sunday, June 14, 2015

But, but, the ChiComs are our friends, right?

Officials: Second Hack Exposed Military and Intel Data
See also: Backed By China, a Massive Narco-Army Angles for More Power in Myanmar.


Anonymous said...


The Chinese and Russian governments are not our "friends."

But the it turns out, neither is our own.

In fact it appears they are the greatest threat to us because they cannot identify any threat other than, us. Which of course, serves our enemies and is in fact a little puzzling, considering who some of them portray themselves to be...

Anonymous said...

Don't agree! The Chinese have nothing to do with this! Our own government is behind the Hacking. The same government that has labeled: Christians, Liberty Lovers, those who criticize government, Veterans and Second Amendment supporters as potential "Terrorists"!

The 'Cybersecurity Bill' that would have taken more of our Internet Freedom and Liberty, just got defeated in the legislature. Our government creating the "Fear Porn" that China is Hacking our Internet and potentially our Social Security numbers, Helps in theory at least, the American people to more easily go along with the Liberty destroying 'Cyber Security Bill'!

Remember, 'AMTRAK' funding was being debated when they "Coincidentally" had the Fatal crash in Philly?