Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gas for Guns in Mississippi? The only problem is that it is illegal.

'Gas for Guns' postponed after sheriff learns it violates state law


Anonymous said...

Being illegal is no problem. Laws or regulations can be passed making it legal. What I find disturbing is that there are "low information voters" willing, nay, beyond willing, even eager to give up their permanent security for a little temporary consumable commodity (to paraphrase Ben F). They deserve neither their guns nor the gasoline.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

This would attract only idiots. No self respecting criminal would turn over his 'gat' for a little gasoline. Would the guns be properly disposed of? Hell no. First. the police officers would pick out the ones they wanted, then throw the rest of the junk away.

PO'd American said...

Who really believes that those who were shot, were shot unnecessarily??? I don't, I would bet that way over 95% were crimes committed by drug related "ghetto ganzta trash" and they all what they got they deserved.

That moron Ackroyd (BTW, he is the definition of an external hemorrhoid) can go back to Canada where they control their citizens by banning self-defense with firearms.

Steve Miller said...

Because handing over firearms to government has gone so well in the past, oh wait....

Ed said... today ran an article explaining the limited usefulness of gun buyback programs:

"Are gun buybacks worth it?
The programs don’t have a great track record, but organizers say saving one life makes them worthwhile."

The gun buyback programs appear to offer more benefit to those who run the programs, letting them feel they are "doing something" to reduce gun violence. Destroying the weapons appears to be a byproduct of the demonization hysteria, while selling the weapons at auction at least would maximize the return on the investment of time and money of all involved.