Thursday, June 11, 2015

A pants-wetting modest proposal from Arkansas.

My reply: My right to arms is not hostage to your anti-firearm, hoplophobic neuroses nor to the urinary incontinence it apparently causes in your editorial board's britches. Try Depends. I understand they work. Mike Vanderboegh,


Anonymous said...

Oh MG! So laden with emotionally charged words (white knuckled, nervous, feverish, among others). No logic or agenda driven bias to see here, move along.

B Woodman

(couldn't post to the "news"paper from work)

Anonymous said...

Arkansas Times says it's a "source for news, politics and entertainment", so i'm guessing this article was of the "entertainment" variety. And I'm also guessing the writer enjoyed "Harrison Bergeron" so much that he now thinks in those terms..

Anonymous said...

Dear Arkansas Times,
This is the most childish and asinine "argument" I have ever heard. A 2nd grader could argue more intelligently. I sincerely hope that no one reading this believes the author is typical of Arkansas. This pathetic drivel will only serve to convince the reader of the sheer stupidity of the author and editor(s). I had not heard of the Arkansas Times before today and I will never regard it as a legitimate new source.

Yours Truly,
Arkansas Resident

MissAnthropy said...

Jonathan Swift she is not...

MamaLiberty said...

Nope, don't need to carry a butcher knife, in or out of a sheath. My 9mm semi-auto is far more effective if I need it, and since it never leaves the holster in public otherwise, it isn't any threat to anyone else in the meantime.

What an ass this author is, and he doesn't seem at all embarrassed to illustrate it in living color.

Anonymous said...

Drudge Tweet: 'You've Been Warned' - 'Next 18 Months Going To Be EVERYTHING' - The 'Scorched Earth Exit' Of Obama

We’re entering that dangerous area of critical mass where America has an executive branch and a president who in their final eighteen months together will complete their fundamental transformation — by any means necessary.

The Obama administration and the progressive socialist left have effectively become “da man.” And because they’ve gone down that path, we may be entering a time of warranted civil disobedience. To think, that if I, Allen West, a law-abiding American citizen, were to write technical details or make a video about my Bushmaster AR-15 on this website without prior approval of the State Department, I could face a $1 million fine or 20 years in jail is simply beyond belief and comprehension. Welcome to the new America, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood liberal progressives.

Anonymous said...

Love your reference to them using Depends,,,
Perhaps we should send a pair of Depends to all politicians who need them.

Ed said...

I believe that the author does not understand the term "open carry", conflating it with brandishing a weapon. Even a Boy Scout would ensure that his axe was encased in a sheath before transporting it.

DC Wright said...

Posted the following response:

Plainjim, I notice that your mockery is hidden behind a pseudonym, as is every bit of pro-gun theft posting, including the original piece. From that I observe that y'all are a bunch of candyassed cowards who, like the original democrat klansmen, prefer to do your evil work whilst hidden from the view of those who legitimately oppose you and every vile and evil thing you (anonymously) stand for. Which IS historically accurate, as the original anti gun laws were supported by your Klannish predecessors to disarm the newly freed slaves, so as to leave them helpless before the Klan, especially if or when they might try to vote.

But you might equally notice that we on the other side have all given our true names, and my good friend, Mike Vanderbeough gave you his website. You had to hide, like your cowardly Klannish ancestors. My, oh my, how history repeats itself, doesn't it?

D. C. Wright,
USMC Retired

PO'd American said...

It would cost a fortune to send Depends to that many idiots, they would probably just wear them as hats. It's better to let them piss their pants... much easier to pick out in a crowd. Just look for the wet spot in front.

Anonymous said...

Root cause analysis. This fish wrap is here for one thing only. To make money. The method used is to create buzz, that increases readership, which increases ad revenue. So get some poor dense doormat that cannot think critically, give them space and let the fireworks begin. Let the cash flow! There are very few true journalist in this day and time. Most are just shallow shills working locally for cash or nationally for the Federal Soviet States of America Ministry of Propaganda. Ken