Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bob Owens on the Texas law change. He is happier than Herschel Smith.

From Bob Owens: Open Carry, Campus Carry Pass In Texas.
Contrast with Herschel's analysis: Communist Art Acevedo Kills Constitutional Carry In Texas
Meanwhile: Maine House Overwhelmingly Passes Constitutional Carry


Anonymous said...

In watching how legislatures are attempting to foil the judicial admissions that have happened at SCOTUS, I've notice the PUZZLING things taking place like the Maine constitutional carry permit elimination to the permit expansion in Texas. Seems a bit backward UNTIL you consider what is REALLY going on.

Some legislatures are looking at their own budgets and the the cost of trying to defend their gun control laws. Others are working in concert to block pathways to SCOTUS through conflicting circuit decisions. The gun control battle is being waged not in legislatures where we are led to believe. Indeed, the big con continues (we won we won so send us money!!!) within legislatures, as new "laws" coming online benefit the few while tightening the noose around the rest of our necks by cementing the PREMISE of gubmint control (accepted gladly by fudds who think gubmint allowance is "advancing rights".

With the help of the NRA, state legislatures are making judicial remedy harder and harder as each bill passes into law. And what are bills if not signatures of debt to be paid? A COST?

What happened in Texas is a Greek tragedy. Yet some cheer it like its so wonderful.
Go ahead you pussies. Beg for your permission slips. It's only a matter of time until that premise sees you DENIED PERMISSION! A bigger fools errand has never been endeavored that overshadows the idiocy of permission slipping ENUMERATED RIGHTS!

Boneheads. Fudds are straight up BONEHEADS!

PO'd American said...

Bob said, “Opponents ATTEMPTED to stop an ATTEMPT to bring Texas’ antiquated open carry laws in line with the rest of the country with unpalatable “poison pill” amendments.

Poison Pill? Says you?

BTW, Wonderfully worded sentence for a 3rd grader.

Contrasting proof that no one should read the Bob Owens Reports.
How does one keep Bob Owens happy?
Give him a gallon of government Koolaid and a couple of Pom Poms. You go girl!

Bad Cyborg said...

Anon @ 11:5 AM,
Call me a Fudd if you like, but I'm happy to just get to carry openly for now. What we have now (or rather WILL have come New Year's Day) isn't true constitutional carry but, when you're hungry, half a loaf beats the crap out of a kick in the ass.

Oh, and another thing. Under the Texas constitution, the Governor's signature is not needed for a bill to become law. Whether the governor signs a bill or not, if both houses of the legislature approve a bill it WILL become law. All the governor can do is veto a bill. There is no such thing as a "pocket veto" in Texas. Bills passed by both houses AUTOMATICALLY become law even without the gov's signature. If a Bill passes during the regular session, more than 10 before the end of a session, it becomes law in 10 days with or without the governor's signature. If a bill passes within 10 days of the end of a session, then the Governor had 20 days to veto or sign it but no matter what, if the legislature passes a bill it WILL become law absent the governor's veto.

As I told Herschel, I think we would've been stopped anyhow whether the language was in the law or not. Cops are given special instruction in writing up their reports so as to justify just about anything and everything. Technically, a "Terry Stop" doesn't require "Probable Cause" (i.e. a set of facts and circumstances which would lead a reasonable person to conclude that an offense has been committed, is being committed or is about to be committed) but only "Reasonable Suspicion" (i.e. an objective and articulable suspicion). Most non-rookie cops are reasonably proficient at hokeying up something that could pass for reasonable suspicion to justify a Terry Stop. When you factor in the presumption in the minds of the courts and most people that cops don't lie, it would be hard to ding a cop for such a stop.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mike, for linking to Owens column, in case I wanted to read any more of his film-flam jibber-jabber mish-mash bullshit. Owens has lost all credibility with me. I won't bother to waste any more time considering the words of a person who believes Glock triggers are dangerous.

Jack Crabb said...

I refuse to read anything by the copsucking statist Owens.