Thursday, April 16, 2015

Your tax dollars at work. I hope you potential "enemies of the state" are seeing to your own logistics, because the militarized secret political police sure are seeing to theirs.

To the tune of 62.5 million rounds for this contract alone.


Anonymous said...

Actually, considering the amount they've purchased over the last 3 years another half billion is small potatoes...And you can have all the ammo in the world; if you can't shoot worth a damn it will just become MY ammo..

Anonymous said...

Must be qualification time. let's see. 62 million rounds divided by 50 per qualifier equals, 1,240,000 qualifiers....

No, the numbers still don't add up.

Ok, 50,000 qualifiers times 50 rounds per qualifier equals 2.5 million rounds out of 62 million or a residual of 59,500,000 rounds.

So 50,000 qualifiers will be able to re-qualify for 24.8 years...

Nope. That ain’t it! Maybe I'll try me some of that there "new" math I heard about.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Military spec for this ammunition is 5.56x55 (something metric anyway).

Civilian designation for this round is .223 Remington.

They're sure not target shooting, or any ostensibly civilian sporting pursuit, with this order, are they?

That would make rifles chambered in that round "sporting", wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

Lets bring a little perspective to this:

DHS has 240,000 employees.

Assuming half are required to qualify with a .223 cal rifle...

That would be 105 rounds per employee per year. (assuming half of DHS employees carry rifles and must qualify with .223)

The 62.5 million rounds is 5 years worth.

Cameraman said...

Shyte if the Bumbling BATF can't Ban it the FedGov just Buys it and it still goes off the Market,,Evil Bastards Indeed!!

CowboyDan said...

Presumably that ammo travels on trucks. Whose trucks? Trucks need to stop now & then for fuel, etc. Sometimes people accidentally drive off in the wrong trucks. They do look a lot alike, don't they?

Stuff has been known to fall off or out of trucks, the roads being what they are. Wouldn't it be a shame if some of the fedgovs ammo fell off a truck where someone picked it up to keep it from littering the roadways.

I saw a video a few weeks ago that had people in a car throwing bags and bundles of what the cops said was marijuana. I think it was in Arizona.

The civic minded people of Arizona driving behind the car cleaned up all that mess before the cops could double back and sweep it up. Wasn't that kind of them to do?