Friday, April 3, 2015

VDH: "The Shadow of Munich Haunts the Iran Negotiations."

"Peace in our time." (Get out the tin hats, boys, the Stukas can't be far behind.)
"Once again our leaders are needlessly appeasing a hostile state that shows them nothing but contempt."
"Our dishonor in Lausanne, as with Munich, may avoid a confrontation in the present, but our shame will guarantee a war in the near future."
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Oregon Hobo said...

Ahhhh so Menendez is opposed to the Iran deal eh? ...and here I was, wondering for the past couple of days why the DOJ was targeting one of their own. Now it all makes sense.

Stone the apostate!


Anonymous said...

“Also the US will be a place of danger in the war and it is still too early to say which states within the United States will survive, but many parts will be destroyed and poisoned, even civil war will break out in the United States and states will cut themselves off from the federal government. The US may not be used as a refuge but there will remain here survivors. Eretz Israel will be the safest place to survive the war, although there will also be terrible difficulties there. “

Ed said...

For a better understanding of the pre-WW2 armaments capacity buildup and how that influenced diplomacy, I recommend Joseph Maiolo's 2010 book "Cry Havoc: How the Arms Race Drove the World to War, 1931-1941".