Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Take a look at yourself and inquire, what have I done today to secure liberty?" Maria Bosworth on the removal of the communist Chinese flag.

FOX News reports on WA commie flag removal: Patriots Helped Take Down a Communist China Flag at a US State Capitol
Received this via email from Maria Bosworth in WA state.
Standing on our state capitol that day, as my eyes gaze upon the flag of a communist country ,flying in a place of honor, I was brought to tears. When did our country forget what it meant to have pride? Pride in what our flag represented. I remembered a story, a story about men standing and giving their lives so that the flag would not fall under the constant bombing of war ships from the British. The bombs bursting in air, and yet the flag still stood! Men, women running into the line of fire, to make sure that our flag remained in the air! How heart wrenching it was to see that red flag flying next to OURS! Our flag represents freedom and liberty! Men gave their lives to secure those freedoms, and yet a flag that is in every way opposite of the very meaning of what we represent is flown next to ours, at the same height as ours!
Bye the dawns early light, in the mist of the early morning fog, patriots demanded the communist flag be removed! It did not take hundreds, or even fifty people! we did it with nine people!
We need to stand for liberty even if we stand alone! One leader stands out more then a thousand followers! When you ask your self what can I do, remember one person can make a difference, one person can change the path of others, one person can change the out come of history!
As mothers, and fathers, sisters, and brothers it is our duty to secure liberty and freedoms for the next generations! We stand not on our own glory, praise or ego, we stand because we are called to. It is in who we are that demands us to stand! We can not, as patriots, stand idly by as tyranny spreads like a virus across this nation! We must all stand together, whether it be nine people or nine hundred people! We must set aside our differences, petty egos, and childish arguments, to defend our common goal.
So I ask that you take a look at yourself and inquire, what have I done today to secure liberty?
We will not comply.


Glenn Koch said...

jay Isley is an idiot, and should be removed from office immediately.
This is the last straw from the wingnut left. What else do they have to do before the American people wake up. Flying the flag of the Peoples Republic of China is an insult to all freedom loving Americans not just to the people of Washington State.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Washington State has it's own minutemen/women who are a rapidly deployed force ready for the call of liberty.

Job well done!

Anonymous said...

Hoisting the communist China flag in front of any public building is a gross affront to freedom.

I suggest that once things have been straightened out, the Betsey Ross flag, the Gadsden flag, or the the Gonzales, TX flag be made the new national ensign.

The commie flag should only be flown at UN, their embassies, and nowhere else in US. Might be a good idea to move UN to Switzerland, where NGOs of that type belong.

Our contribution to UN would be better spent on help for disabled vets, job training for vets, and for help to the truly needy.

Anonymous said...

The Washington folks are on it! Now the rest of the Country needs to follow suit!

Anonymous said...

Erm...it was a timing issue. The flag was raised as a diplomatic courtesy and was removed when it was going to get removed. The 'patriots' just happened to be standing there when it happened.

There's a time/space correlation problem.

Anonymous said...

I sent this to my even more elderly Dad, who was an F-86 pilot in the Korean War. His response was that America was over if we flew that flag at an American public building. He, like I, refuse to purchase Chinese products, and will do without instead.

He has a 12 gauge with 00 buck ready for uninvited guests, and practices regularly. He finally understands the meaning of my insurance company cap.