Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fed Up in Rhode Island Patriots Write Open Letter to Governor and Adjutant General

Please know that we respect and fully support the important role the Rhode Island National Guard serves, and honor the great sacrifices made every day by those in the name of the security of our state and nation. However, the military do not belong among the civilians unless there is a declared state of emergency to *support* the civilian population, not to act against them.

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Anonymous said...

So the question in my mind is not whether they will try to activate and use everything they have including guard troops, but rather when and how. Will there be precipitating event or series of events? Will it be period of blackout news etc. Or will they attempt a onesies twosies strategy until it leaks to much.

Hard to say, but thanks for posting this, it's good info.

I wonder if they truly realize just how many Jedburghs are out here?