Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I think this means some folks can stop hyperventilating now. I trust Anthony with my life.

Anthony Bosworth's report on Oregon situation:
Official report from mining district April 14 2015 1100 hours
1) There is no standoff.
2) BLM has been talking to the mine attorney. There will be an official BLM stand down.
3)There is no BLM in the area west of Merlin.
4)Oath Keepers on site will be given new marching orders.
5)Mine owner is not happy with all the misinformation.
6)The mining district has set up a parking lot away from the mine. Parking lot possibly could hold 200 people. Parking lot for people they are turning away from the mine that we are unable to stop.
7)The mining district wants to thank everyone for your diligent effort to help control this.
8)Mining district said they will attempt to keep us updated at least once every day.
Anthony Bosworth LFA III %

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Thank God.