Tuesday, April 14, 2015

David Codrea on "Another Piece of the Puzzle."

"What I do know is that both ATF and NRA was aware of this in 2009....I know because I personally briefed a NRA/ILA attorney on precisely what you posted."


Mack said...

Two words: Lloyd Benson.

Anonymous said...

Dens and pubs have long lived the pass the buck blame game. They both blame ATF and NRA. NRA blames ATF, ATF cries no director in place and executive is pointing right back at congress.

Can you say circle jerk?

Simple truth -
The GCA and its brother NFA are BOTH entirely based upon the FALSE PREMISE that keeping and bearing are NOT individual, NOT fundamental, NOT unconnected to military service and not officially judicially "incorporated". All those elements of the false premise base have been 100 percent demolished, debunked, destroyed and dismissed. Add to it the dusting away of the free standing interest balancing approach and the picture indeed comes into perfect focus.

The rules made are moot points because the legislation they SUPPOSEDLY draw authority from simply CANNOT stand up to ANY level of scrutiny even within the existing structure (case law) built upon the doctrine of selective incorporation.

Resolution is not found in nailing either the TSA or the NRA (though seeing both squirm is entertaining). The solution is to force gubmint - in the one setting where outright lying doesn't go unpunished- to explain how IT squares ignoring the second amendment commands in order to impose the tenets of those pathetic excuses for "laws".

There ain't really a puzzle anymore. See, with only a couple pieces left to place, anyone looking at the picture can tell exactly what is shown. The GAME about to be ran upon us is this - the NRA is joining the other controllers (democrats and republicans) to jettison the entire boondoggle in favor of a "New Deal". Replace the whole ball of wax legislatively (including dissolving the ATF and quite probably the DEA as well) redistributing the "new" duties among already existing homeland security agencies. Why do this and why now?

Because the folks are acting OUTSIDE the control of the political parties and outside the reach of the NRA and SAF, within the judiciary. The usual CONTROLLERS aren't able to narrow the scope of the litigation to a sliver as a way to avoid tanking the whole unjust cabal.

They are engaging in the same exact tactic Chicago and DC did in response to even tiny sliver cases decided - by crafting a "New Deal" legislation in order to stall or make moot existing judicial actions. The big boys have now officially banded together TRYING TO KEEP IN PLACE the GCA and the NFA!!!

We should withhold all support for every group doing that unpatriotic bovine excrement. We should not fear telling the truth about what is happening. Likewise, we should not be fooled you this diversionary tactic. Nail the liars - great, that's proper! But let's not take our eyes off the prize trying to do so!!

Anonymous said...

Looks as though one of Harry Reid's boys, Neil Kornze, is running the BLM.


Anonymous said...

Tension Between BLM and Mining Operation, Oath Keepers Set Up Camp


Anonymous said...

VIDEO>>> Obama Admits Noted Communist “Schooled” Him on White Racism


Anonymous said...

I dont understand who you people think the NRA is above board on protecting your rights..the only thing they have protected so far is their lavish lifestyles on the dollars they beggar from you every year...

Sign me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

If you meant to say "horse s__t", that would be equine excrement, not bovine excrement. Equine is horse. Bovine is cow.

- Old Greybeard