Monday, October 14, 2013

So much for the "Barrycades." And the impotent Mordor Green Zone enforcers look on with slack-jawed inactivity.

From Breitbart: Veterans Remove Barricades from Memorials and Bring Them to WH
From The Blaze: ‘We Are Marching to the White House’: ‘Million Vet March’ Descends on Washington, Barricades Torn Down

LATER: "Now this is an awesome clip. Veterans are, according to the video, marching by the White House carrying Obama’s barricades."

From Townhall: Veterans March Barrycades to the White House


Anonymous said...

The WORLD should take notice. No fighting with police, no random acts of destroying private business storefronts, no overturning cop cars ( or pooping on them ) and no rock throwing resulting in tear gassing. This isn't the G8 protest crowd or Occupy Wall Street thuggishness.

Thus is a demonstration of a free people targeting ONLY the oppressor and his cages. This IS an example worthy of repeating. When those things WE PAID FOR are caged and walked away from us we MUST tear down those walls in a demonstration of freedom - for cage walls are really just chains in a different form. Chains of all stripes will always be broken by the free American spirit and while today's media tries to hide it, all those collectivist reporters serve is the eventual explosion their confinement strategy is creating.

Kind if like a hydrogen bomb, the act of compression from all sides only results in an even larger explosion when critical mass is reached.

Anonymous said...

We need MUCH more civil disobedience like this, not only for this reason but for all occurrences of government tyranny or misuse of power.

- Old Greybeard