Monday, March 11, 2013

So now we're all "Republican anarchists"?

"It is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable." -- Kurt Hofmann.
You know, I've been called a lot of names in the past twenty years by everybody from the SPLC to the neoNazis. SPLC has characterized me (back in the 90s) as a stooge for the racists like the Klan, the Neos and the misidentified "Christian" Identities. Of course this was at about the same time as the Constitutional militias were engaged in Operation White Rose and when I was saying that “Christian Identity is for pantywaists”:
“I think in some ways Christian Identity is designed for pantywaists who are afraid to declare themselves true Nazis,” Vanderboegh jibed. “These are the folks who have to tell their mommas or their wives, “It’s OK that we hate blacks and Jews, dear, because God and Jesus told us it’s OK. Whereas the Nazis don’t worry about that kind of thing. They’re sort of beyond excuses.
“You know, when you’ve got Adolf Hitler as your standard-bearer, what else have you got to be embarrassed about?” Vanderboegh said.
“They each come to their pus-filled beliefs by different roads, but they agree on the destination.” -- “Christian Identity is for pantywaists” by Jeff Stein, Salon, 11 Aug 1999.
For their part the neos and identities called me "Red Mike" and claimed I was an agent of both the Mossad AND the SPLC. The loon Bill Cooper (who also claimed to have shot it out with space aliens) called me "John Doe Number Five." The Larouchies claimed (and do yet today) that I was an agent of MI-5. At the time of the small window war over Obamacare, I was denounced by Kurt Nimmo at Alex Jones "Infowars":
Vanderboegh’s act will not inspire a modern three percent to take action against the federal government. It will, however, provide plenty of ammo for the likes of David Neiwert, Chris Matthews, nearly the entire line-up at MSNBC, Bill O’Reilly (who specializes in demonizing the Oath Keepers), the Southern Poverty Law Center, and hundreds of Borg hive Democrats who have hysterically warned now for months that “militias” (as defined by the SPLC) and rightwing racist extremists (as defined by the DHS and the MIAC report) who hate Obama because of his skin color are about to start burning down government buildings and killing bureaucrats.
Mike Vanderboegh’s comments are a gift to the Department of Homeland Security and the SPLC. His call for vandalism feeds right into the propaganda cycle and follows on the heels of supposed Tea Party activists — as likely agents provocateurs — who hurled racist epithets at African American members of Congress last weekend.
Jones himself used his radio show to claim that if I wasn't arrested for sedition that this would "prove" I was an agent of the Obama administration.
Well, I wasn't arrested and I went on to break (with David Codrea) the news of the Gunwalker Scandal. Sound like I was an agent of the Obamanoids to you?
When I was supporting the Minutemen back in 2005, SPLC called me a xenophobe and a "nativist." The government monopoly of force advocates at CSGV have been screaming for some time that I am an "insurrectionist."
So I've been called a lot of names over the years by a lot of folks. But I have to confess, I have never before been called a "Republican anarchist."
And, what, you may ask is a "Republican anarchist"? For that, you'll have to ask Bob Burnett at the Huffington Post, who, his bio sketch says "is a Berkeley writer, activist, and Quaker. Before starting a second career as a journalist, he was a technologist and one of the founding executives at Cisco Systems. Bob can be reached at"
Now Burnett initially fielded the concept of "Republican anarchism" on the first of March in an article entitled "Sequester: The Rise of Republican Anarchists."
The March 1 sequester budget cuts are yet another product of crises manufactured by the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party. These Tea Party extremists have one objective: crush the federal government. Motivated by a strange brew of Old Testament Christianity and Ayn Rand's "objectivism," they're a lethal force within the GOP -- anarchists. . .
What should President Obama do? The Republican Party has been taken over by anarchists, Tea Party extremists who do not believe in government. As University of California linguistics professor George Lakoff observed, "They believe that Democracy gives them the liberty to seek their own self-interests by exercising personal responsibility, without having responsibility for anyone else or anyone else having responsibility for them." Republican anarchists reject the founders' morality, the sentiments that produced the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. These ultra conservatives don't believe in the common good or the notion that Americans have a moral responsibility to care for each other. The Republican anarchist motto is, "I'm for me, first." (Ayn Rand's objectivism and glorified self-interest.)
President Obama must recognized that the anarchists have pushed the United States into a political civil war. The president cannot negotiate with House Republicans so long as they are beholden to the ultra-conservative wing of the party. Obama cannot negotiate with a fiscal gun held to his head.
The president has to hold firm, even if that means shutting down government for a spell. Perhaps then the mainstream Republican Party will expel the radicals and proclaim they are not against government, in general. Perhaps if the government is shut down, and the economy goes into a tailspin, Americans will wake up to threat posed by Republican anarchists.
Uh, huh. Methinks Comrade Burnett is not too well educated on the whole "anarchism" thing. I'm sure Mama Liberty and others could give him a good tutorial. But that wasn't all. Now Commissar Bob has elucidated further his concept in an article entitled "Disarming Republican Anarchists."
Multiple excuses have been offered for the difficulty of enacting gun control legislation, but the most obvious problem has not been mentioned: the U.S. contains millions of Republican anarchists. These ultra-conservatives fear the government and buy guns for protection. Their Tea Party Congressmen will do everything they can to block common-sense legislation.
Over the last five years, the Republican Party has veered to the far right and, in the process, been taken over by anarchists, Tea Party extremists who do not believe in centralized government. As University of California linguistics professor George Lakoff observed, "[ultra conservatives] believe that Democracy gives them the liberty to seek their own self-interests by exercising personal responsibility, without having responsibility for anyone else or anyone else having responsibility for them." Republican anarchists reject the founders' morality, the sentiments that produced the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. These ultra conservatives don't believe in the common good or the notion that Americans have a moral responsibility to care for each other. But they do venerate the second amendment to the Constitution, "the right of the people to keep and bear arms."
As a consequence, America is an armed camp . . Republican anarchists tend to live in Red states, where weapons are concentrated. There's a disturbing relationship between gun prevalence, resistance to gun control, and anti-government rhetoric. . .
Wherever there's a high percentage of gun ownership there is also pro-second-amendment rhetoric and inflammatory talk suggesting the federal government threatens individual freedom. In January, gun-rights advocate, Kurt Hofmann, wrote an article "Government prepares for war with the people, and mass media approves," in which he deplored a "forcible citizen disarmament campaign," and predicted the current wave of gun control legislation ultimately intends to seize the weapons of "patriots."
. . . This is the dark background that underlies the gun control debate. There are 49 self-identified Tea Party members in the House of Representatives and four in the Senate, plus several dozen more "fellow travelers." They represent the anarchists in opposing gun-control laws. Recently, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul proposed a law that would nullify any presidential gun-control actions. Florida Republican Congressman Trey Radel suggested that if Obama takes executive action it would be grounds for impeachment.
Commonsense gun control legislation is anathema to Tea Party Republicans. To the anarchists universal background checks suggests intrusive government surveillance. To anarchists limiting magazine size or assault weapons is unacceptable; their guns are not for hunting, they are for self-defense.
That's why the current congress won't pass gun-control legislation. The Republican anarchists are too powerful. Indeed, nothing meaningful will happen until the GOP reinvents itself and disavows its anarchist wing.
Now, first of all, I'm jealous of Kurt Hofmann. To be despised so publicly by someone so obviously despicable is a rare honor.
I will not try to deconstruct or analyze this collectivist loony. I leave that to the reader. But "Republican anarchist"? Huh. That's a new one.


Anonymous said...

That is so full of complete and utter garbage, 100% devoid of any rational thought. A new term needs coined. 'Useful idiot' isn't strong enough.

55D/1833 said...

"Republican Anarchist" is like "Sovereign Citizen" Both are contradictions in terms, used by demagogues to scare ignorant people.

Neither make sense, but both tar a group with a ominous title. You can't be an anarchist and believe in a republican form of government. You can't be sovereign, yet be a citizen of a government. I suspect those who use the term know that perfectly well.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot! For one thing, how the hell is an anarchist a member of the Republican party that believes in a federal government? That is like saying someone is a capitalist communist party member - the two terms contradict one another.

There are indeed some anarcho capitalists out there, led by sites like - but NONE of them are Republicans and they trash the GOP just as much as they do the Dems.

Furthermore, Lew responded to this on his blog yesterday by pointing out that the huffington post owners are surrounded by bodyguards and asking how many millions of its own citizens the american govt has killed - and they do peaceful citizens who simply want to protect themselves as being the danger?

This clown needs to get a basic understanding of what anarcho capitalism is. It has zero to do with the GOP - I only wish the Republicans were that radical! - and most don't care for Ayn Rand, either. They do care following the work of Mises and Rothbard though, which is a huge difference. If the writer doesn't know that difference - then he really doesn't need to be talking about anarchists.

Lastly, isn't it funny for anyone to be talking about extremism or violence from the left end of things when almost universally the american left has supported and made excuses for Obama believing he can kill any american citizen for any reason? Or the stunning silence over the Rand Paul filibuster from the left, and the refusal to address the 16 year old Obama blew away in a drone strike that he refuses to discuss.

Who are the radicals and threat to the public again?

flylow said...

Sounds like someone is firing up a new talking point. Where will it show up next?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I find the white guilt phenomenon more disgusting than racism. One can't champion only certain freedoms while condemning the freedom of thought. If people are free to "love" whomever they choose, then people should be free to hate whomever they choose. Declaring otherwise is in and of itself a form of tyranny.

Dakota said...

I don't blame you for not wanting to analyze this "horse excrement". Made my head hurt trying to read it and make some sense of it. I am really speechless to say anything profound from such a lunatic scribbler, other than Kill A Commie For Mommie LOL

If this was a case of political expediency or the death of an "innocent man" is of little consequence to history, as we can testify today, terrorists are defined by the state, the press, public opinion and pressure on the system and people that rule. The rights and wrongs are defined by the "winners" of the age you live in, not by any truths recorded or spoken. - Gavin, London – commenter on a news story about Britain’s ‘Gunpowder Plot”

Scott J said...

The Republican party has veered to the right? When? I must have missed it while holding my nose and voting for the likes of McCain and Romney.

While gambling on a vote for a Democrat against that tool Spencer Baucus.

While I watched Dick Shelby cave and support that idiot Hagel for SecDef.

Why they must have veered so far right as to circumnavigate the political globe coming to a stop well to my left. So far left they're nearly indistinguishable from the other party.

badanov said...

Any time you tell a liberal that you want government is reduce its size, they attempt to short circuit your argument with the charge all you want is no government.

They don't want to debate. They want a fight.

Right now they hold the national levers of power and if they can goad the government into disarming or physically attacking pro gun people, all the better to advance their agenda.

It's all about shaming conservatives.

They don't want common sense anything.
They want a fight because they think they can win using the government as their personal army.

Anonymous said...

Shit, I wish they were all anarchists.

So let me get this straight, Ted Cruz says a demonstrably true thing, that Harvard is full of Marxists, and he's the second coming of [the inconveniently for the Left eventually proven right by declassified Soviet documents] Joe McCarthy, but calling anyone who slightly disagrees with orthodox Leftyism an "anarchist," and that's not a whitchunt?

It's the new "racist." That wasn't shocking enough (Or true, but who on the Left cares about that?), so they have to up the ante. Give it a few months, we'll be Nazi Occultists, or whatever the fuck they think will scare people.

Anonymous said...

Better a "Republican anarchist" than a 'Democrat useless idiot'
... or better still a member of Gun Culture!


MamaLiberty said...

"Burnett is not too well educated on the whole "anarchism" thing. I'm sure Mama Liberty and others could give him a good tutorial."

I'd love a shot at it, but I'm afraid that those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.

This person has chosen his blindness.

One point... "Americans have a moral responsibility to care for each other."

Nobody I've ever talked to can explain to me why every form of theft, coercion and even murder is somehow necessary for the government version of "caring," yet totally absent in millions of voluntary actions between people just plain helping people because they care. Or, a far more radical idea, simply leaving them alone because they don't WANT "help."

And, of course, once you pin the gov. do gooders to the wall, it is obvious that "caring about each other" is only an excuse. The real goal is control. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Pasteurized processed cheese-style food

Artificially flavored artificially sweetened juice-style beverage

Semi-automatic military-style assault weapon.

Republican anarchist.

See, Folks? The words don't really mean anything! You just stick them together in any order or association you want. Kind of like Leggos. The best part is, by the time the reader or listener figures our you're spouting gibberish, you've got their wallet!

Anonymous said...

I sit and wait for the day Potock's bestiality or kiddie porn pics will be found on some hidden pc somewhere.
If you profile him like they do to us he fits perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to have to have ANOTHER national conversation?

MI-copperhead said...

"Over the last five years, the Republican Party has veered to the far right..."

From the above statement I can deduce he is on some strong hallucinogens. What a tool for the collectivists.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. According to these nutjobs, me and almost every friend I have don't exist. Can't call us republicans, we don't do the two-party farce. Lots of comfort in knowing the idiots have no idea who you are nor what they're up against. They seem to have seriously underestimated Americans.

Paul X said...

Mencken described this perfectly:
"Here (in America) the daily panorama of human existence, of private and communal folly, the unending procession of governmental extortions and chicaneries, of commercial brigandages and throat slittings, of theological buffoneeries, of aesthetic ribaldries, of legal swindles and harlotries, of miscellaneous rogueries, villanies, imbecilities, grotesqueries, and extravagances is so inordinately gross and preposterous, so perfectly brought up to the highest conceivable amperage, so steadily enriched with an almost fabulous daring and originality, that only a person born with a petrified diaphram can fail to laugh himself to sleep every night and wake up with all the eager, unflagging expectation of a Sunday-School superintendent touring the Paris peep-shows."

I must be one of those Republican anarchists. It says "R" on my voter registration card (which I no longer have any use for).

Being called an anarchist is a compliment; however it is sullied by being combined with "Republican", heh...

I suddenly have a yearning for some jumbo shrimp.