Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Logistics: Prepping for Civil War at last weekend's Atlanta Gun Show..

Courtesy of Doug Rink: Ammo notes from last weekend's gun show.
"Ammunition and component buyers seem to fall in two categories, those seeking one or two hundred rounds and those seeking multiple thousands of rounds. The second category is overwhelming dominated by active duty soldiers and veterans. There was one mother and three wives of deployed soldiers who came in with lists and went away with components necessary to load tens of thousands of rounds. Two soldiers came in and bought much more. I know of only three civilians who have stocked up in the quantities that many soldiers and veterans have found necessary. I think having been in a fire fight concentrates the mind on the horror of running out of ammo."


William Flatt said...

I wonder why individuals are worrying about small arms ammunition when the feds are gearing up for civil war with heavy equipment like MRAP trucks and whatnot.

I'm sharing this link because there are some very good stats in the article. The feds really are going to need a lot more than 10,000 rifles, 2 billion rounds of ammo and 7100 trucks. When the ammo industry cranks off 1 billion rounds weekly, and clearly the biggest purchases by far are civilians (or cops & soldiers buying for their own personal use), the ammo shortage is not necessarily (directly) the gov't fault. Of course, after reading this article it is clear that the ammo shortage is most certainly the government's fault in an indirect way. The collectivists in and outside of gov't have created an awareness in the public that wouldn't otherwise be there, and that awareness has caused the shortage. In short, the law of unintended consequences is alive & well.

If the economic prognosticators are right, and we are facing an imminent collapse of the economy, then the problem may not necessarily be the feds but the masses of Obamazombies & street-level collectivists who have lived large at our expense all these years, to wake up one day and find the government teat has disappeared instantly. Think back to the town hall protests where Tea Party activists were assaulted by SEIU union thugs for merely daring to suggest that people be weaned away from the government teat!

These same Obamazombies, at the sudden realization that the jig is up, are going to have a collective full-out meltdown, and 7100 armored trucks are not going to be enough. The only thing in the favor of the rest of us will be the fact that the vast majority of Obamazombies live in the inner cities so they will already be herded, they only need to be kept contained.

The flip side to that is - for those of us old enough to remember "Escape from New York" - you can't just wall up all the big cities overnight, and most cities will burn, and once that's done, the Obamazombies will start ranging out into the countryside, plundering and raping.

The need for the militia at that point will become overwhelming; people who have been unfairly maligned for years will suddenly become defender heroes. The irony will likely be that the people who used to bad-mouth the militias the worst, will become their biggest proponents.

Dakota said...

I noted with interest that there are no components at all on any of my usual web sites and ammo is basically "out of stock" everywhere.

I did find 800 round cases of L C 7.62 x 51 in links, boxes, 4 cans in the wood all nice and ready for the belt fed boys ... 4 ball 1 tracer too, Buck a round. Wish I had something that could shoot it.

No matter how much we stockpile, it will never be enough if things get "western". I did all my buying back in the 80's and early 90's.

Reloading all my practice ammo sure helps the stockpile stay stable. I read a article about DHS wanting billions of 5.56 brass only reason I can think of for that is to starve out our supply so plan accordingly gang.

Been thinking about buying a couple of 40S&W Keltecs to utilize the huge stockpile ..... Ahem

Anonymous said...

Rawles and Boston recommends 1,000-2,000 rounds per weapon. I feel a WHOLE lot better with 10,000-15,000 per weapon! Just build it up over time (I did see this coming and planned ahead!) Like Dakota says, reload for your practice stuff (6,000-8,000 a year) keeps the edge on. Ditto on components. My usual stops for brass, primers, powder and tips are dry as an 90 year old whore!

ED said...

“Amateurs think about tactics, but professionals think about logistics.”
-General Robert H. Barrow, USMC (Commandant of the Marine Corps, 1980)

“Factors in the art of warfare are: First, calculations; second, quantities; third, logistics; fourth, the balance of power; and fifth, the possibility of victory is based on the balance of power.”
-Sun Tzu