Monday, February 4, 2013

Shot Show 2013 Archangel Mosin Nagant stock

Interesting. Still, for accuracy I would think the bayonet has to go. Then there's the issue of optics, etc., not to mention the handloading for accuracy and the probably considerable cost. Cool, though.


FG said...

Practical ? Who knows.

Having passed up on gobs of clean Mosins priced at less than 40 dollars each, I suppose everything arms related is relative.

I also well remember BRAND NEW, 99 dollar Norinco SKSs, and 139 dollar a CASE battle-packed
7.62 x 51 Radway Green, as well.

My gun show age is showing. Sigh.

slobyskya rotchikokov said...

but... but... it's SKEWWY! Ooh! Mommy, save me fwom the skewwy bwack wifle!

hazmat said...

That all depends on if your Mosin is an M38, M44, or a 91/30. The M44 was sighted in with the bayonet extended and as such can't hit squat without it.

Anonymous said...

where can i buy this now.... ?????

Anonymous said...

you can resight and also modify for optics. right now even with the stock costing more then the rifle. The mosin is cheap so after mods it evens out price wise similar to a modern rifle, but you get the money back with ammo cost. so if you shoot alot id go for it and enjoy the hard punching bad boy. if you only shoot to site in and hunt once a year probably not an option.