Monday, February 4, 2013

"ATF Approves Prepper Paradise Firearms Company."

Well, of course. Why wouldn't they?


Anonymous said...

Legit or not, I STILL wouldn't buy a weapon from them, for three reasons:
1-Principle - I'm highly suspicious of them - for now. And will continue to be until they can prove themselves as otherwise honorable in the near future.
2-PRICEY!! Damn! Who can afford one? I can't, not on my budget (such as it ain't).
3-Any and all future gun purchases will be private sales. No Form 4473 (or whatever the hell it is).

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... an allegedly serious anti-government community applying to the government for permission...

Anonymous said...

So a bunch of patriots are being induced to gather together in a remote walled compound and manufacture an item the BATFE regulates. So when the BATFE informant(s)on the inside create an excuse for them to raid the compound and the whole thing degenerates into Waco 2:The Colby's... do we risk starting the bloodiest war in our nation's history and the very existence of The Republic to collect the 100 heads for these numskulls? Or dowe destroy our credible deterrence by not doing so? Or do we make it clear that WHEN the ATF raids them they ae on their own, and then let our oppnents play divide and conquer with us?

Yank lll said...

It hasnt mattered for a long time.. they already have your name and addy.. you are on the list. The state has the database the feds paid for it and they have access to it.. all those NICS checks are recorded.

Our only hope is to resist and win.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

The scam artist behind this was released from jail early by BATFU. Of course he can get a permit to manufacture. He is the scam artist the government wants for this set up. Don't fall for it.

JJ Swiontek
Denver, CO