Monday, February 4, 2013

Stench of rotting red herrings. The outline of the proposed GOP sellout becomes clearer.

Assault Weapons Ban Likely To Die So That Broader Gun Policy Legislation Can Live


Anonymous said...

As has been said before, this is a feint, to allow the REALLY REALLY BAD bill to die, and then allow the not-so-bad bill to be voted and passed as a "reasonable compromise".

Contact your Kongress Kritter of whatever stripe, tell him/her/himher/it - NO! NO! NO! NO COMPROMISE! NO BILL OF ANY KIND.

Go and read. Then ask yourself, what have WE, the law-abiding citizen, gained from all these gun grabbing "compromises??

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

B Woodman - we have gained absolutely nothing.
I have likened the latest round of 'gun control' efforts as them aiming for the moon and KNOWING that they will not get it. They are going to be more than happy with the (not)universal background checks (criminals will not comply thus invalidating the 'universal' aspect), and so called 'hi-cap' bans. There are already numerous 'federal' gun trafficking laws on the books - and no I am NOT talking about schemes like Fast & Furious.
They will take whatever they can fool the low info voters into believing that will be 'effective;.

Yank lll said...

I Refuse.

Yank lll