Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Critique of The Citadel from Idaho: "Truth be told, it’s something of a regional embarrassment. . ."

From Patrice Lewis, who describes herself as "a practical constitutional conservative stay-at-home gun-toting homeschooling cow-milking rural-living Christian mom."
You can’t own private property in The Citadel. Approved applicants “receive a Lifetime Lease (paid off in only 30 years).” So what happens after thirty years? Personally after paying something off for thirty years, I’d really like to OWN it. But there’s no private property inside those walls.
Again according to the website, “One of the primary reasons for a lease paradigm versus private property inside the walls is our desire to make the community for Patriots only. The model will be similar in many ways to that of Disneyland. It is walled, gated, private property with controlled access. People pay to enter and agree to the rules because they see value in doing so. It is all based on a voluntary agreement between the owners of the property and those who want to come inside. Millions of people visit Disneyland and interact peacefully. It's exceptionally rare to hear of any serious problems. The key is that those people want to be there and understand what is expected of them. Surprisingly similar to what we are doing.”
In other words, this isn’t a free-hold. In some ways, to me at least, this seems more like modern-day feudalism in which inhabitants must obey the Citadel’s rules. Presumably the Citadel “corporation” will own the land. And who owns the corporation? Who’s living in the castle in the middle? Just asking.
I can’t take particular issue with the concept of The Citadel, I suppose. It’s just that I don’t like planned anything, whether it’s planned health care or a planned economy or a planned community. These are all plans made by other people, and the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, leaving you (as often as not) more fettered and frustrated than free.
LATER -- Another reader forwarded me this bit of Kerodin lore from 2003:
Call Security!
Kevin Shelton and Christian Hyman proved to be mall security guards' two worst nightmares. Shelton, the self-proclaimed “Money Man” of Florida, shot $2 bills into a crowd gathered at Sembler Co.'s Bay Walk in St. Petersburg. The resulting melee caused 12 injuries and brought a mountain of bad publicity. In Washington, D.C., the Office of Homeland Security arrested Hyman, who billed himself as a security expert. Hyman allegedly attempted to extort $120,000 from major mall owners in exchange for keeping mum about security violations he claimed he had found at their shopping centers. A subsequent search of Hyman's apartment uncovered explosives.
The reader also made this comment along with the link:
"(A) few points stand out here which are clearly evident in the man today. 1) K has some ideas and intentions, but they aren’t always good ones. People got hurt at this event, something a security expert should have been able to foresee. Which brings me to point 2: K promotes himself as being knowledgeable in things he has little experience about. Call it hype, inflated ego, whatever you want; but that kind of ignorance gets hurts people (legally, physically, financially, etc.). 3) This is another example of K being directly linked to money, in this case someone who called himself the “Money Man”. Why am I not surprised?! He absolutely LOVES money, which explains his numerous businesses which have little to do with each other (HVAC, talent agency, book publishing, charities, etc.) K continues all three patterns of former behavior with the Citadel project and some people hate us for pointing out the obvious warning signs.


Anonymous said...

This faker and his buddies clearly don't know their Hayek.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this guy "K" Known as "gecco 45" the origanal mall ninja back in the day?

Trinity said...

I've followed Patrice for a while now and have always found her to be solid and well grounded. She pumps out very good info regarding self sufficiency. And even here she does not shoot down or slander the Citadel or the people behind it. She just raises some legitimate cautions which, if the Citadel and it's "management" are on the level, shouldn't mind at all.

However, if you get down in the comments, especially the 3 long, consecutive posts by one Tito Feld, there is plenty of skepticism -- with links for research (if not scrubbed by now) -- for people to follow. From his follow up comments, Kerodin wasn't too pleased with Mr. Feld.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest any of his "loyal" followers to make a trip out to their "20 acre beachhead. Go out Benewah road or Shay Hill road. You will say, "What the fuck"? "what kind of dumbass bought this piece of shit land" Don't believe me? Bring your dumbasses up here & look for yourself.

Razor in the Benewah

oughtsix said...

They know Hayek, perhaps, but just don't give a damn. Just follow the money.

Pretty damned collectivist for a supposedly constitutional liberty sympathizing bunch. Like a home owners association on, er, meth!

I pray the folks stumping for Khameleon wake up before they are ensnared, fleeced, shot or imprisoned, because all of those things are likely if this fool's paradise materializes much further.

I have taken the measure of this whole K thing and his conflict with Mike from the very beginning, and early on it became obvious to me who was just and honest and who was a fraud and worse. I can't understand how certain folks continue to be deceived by the tarnished tongue of K, the charlatan.

See you in the funny papers, Kerrosivedin.

Anonymous said...

Im reminded of the movie The Survivors. Does this guy pull his stunts while wearing a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist with the master plan in it?

Osmium said...

For a "Patriot" Kerodin sounds very communistic. Communists by their very nature are against private property.

Anonymous said...

Made the Sacramento Bee today.


Razor in the Benewah

Anonymous said...

Kerodin - pox on him and his wife - extorted Patrice to remove the most important part of my coment on her site describing Kerodin's Final Solution.

"Since you [Idaho Newspaper] did not bother to check your sources and the people you endorsed, you’re not aware ( I hope) that the leader of the group, a convicted federal felon, Christian Allen Kerodin, is promoting the extermination of all that don’t subscribe to his world view, such as:

“all these who pulled the lever for Blue or establishment Red, Marxists, ‘socialists,’ democrats, and all working for government (local state or federal), and everybody that is associated with them from the mechanic at the LEO garage, the media, Hollywood, academia, unions, teachers, and other non-combatants, such as the members of the Sierra Club” …

"… to name a few targets from his websites http://iiipercent.blogspot.com/ and http://www.kerodin.com .

"That gentlemen and women would cover 80% of Jews and 98% of African-Americans, every LEO and politician, most of the journalists … do you get the picture?

"You really want to promote this guy? "

What a POS. Then he challenged me to duel as he did Mike. I'm not sure about mike, but I'm happy to accept his challenge. Ulike Kerodin who did three years anal exercises with bubba in federal prison, I served in the IDF and learned Krav Maga from the best.

It will make my day to teach the POS some.

Actually, he sugggested that TL Davis would beat me up instead of him or with him, so I'm not sure how many SOF friends he is hiding behind. Maybe Mosby or Bracken will cap me?

The Rural Revolution is a great blog. It's sad Patrice made the mistake to get involved with dangerous lunatics.

She is a good woman, and her blog is one of the best.

I hope she stays safe from this mad man.


P.S. K.E.Rodin thinks Mike, Razor and I are the same person :)

Anonymous said...

Bwaaa Ha Ha ! Stop ! Stop ! I can't take anymore ! ha ha ha .

Anonymous said...

Making news in the UK now too.

"Questions have also been asked about the citadel's promoter, Christian Kerodin."


Erinyes said...

Hey, Tino - We got our own page at Kerodick's website for suggesting he's a shyster.

He wants to beat me up, too. I told him to bring it on down my way because I sure as fuck ain't spending MY time and money going to his crapass part of the country, whether it's Idaho, Maryland or some other shithole he decides to hole up in.

Fuck him and his dumbass buddies.