Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kurt Hofmann: American hero becomes 'gun control's' latest exploitee

Oh--there is of course one more reason the gun ban fanatics are celebrating Chief Petty Officer Kyle's murder: a great many of them despise American military heroes as much as they loathe gun rights advocates.


Anonymous said...

You should have seen the hateful comments on HuffPo the night Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield were murdered. Most on the milblogs who had heard of it expressed sympathy and shock. A few said "Oh no. The leftards are going to use this for all it's worth." The crazy vet stereotype is here again just like after Viet Nam. I really doubt Chris' wife Taya or his SEAL buddies would approve of him being held up as the latest exploitee.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask this; How long had Po kyle been doing wet work for the CIA. How many did he kill on US soil? How did he support his lavish lifestile, haveing sold few books? Who was the guy killed with him? What did he do for a liveing? How did he afford the fee to shoot at a club so privte that CBS and FOX had to film it from a mile away? How many did he train in the FLEA to hunt down "patriots"?(he addmited publicly to training FLEA snipers)And lastly this; If this guy was on our side how come he trained FBI,DEA,CIA,BATFE,USSS,and DHS hit teams?

oughtsix said...

As if the left could be more despicable, they prove it yet again.

That they can't see their hypocrisy or, worse yet, really don't think it matters, shows clearly why we waste time talking to them and why they are beyond redemption by mortal means.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kyle (and others like him) got the order to shoot gun-owning Americans, if he would do so with as little remorse as he shot Iraqis? Another Lon Horiuchi in other words? I think the jury is still out on that question, but the adulation may be a bit misplaced for now.