Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Praxis: Oil Filter Suppressor.

Foul language but interesting.


Anonymous said...

I think I need to get one of those toys.

General Soren said...

I was under the impression that all parts of a suppressor count are considered to be registered, and thus that in this case, the oil can itself would be considered the suppressor, making it illegal to swap oil cans.

This sounds like a good idea, but in the "only until the ATF catches me" sort of way.

Jim said...

Anyone know what the tread pitch is in an oil filter?

Trinity said...

@ Jim: The oil filter requires an adapter that will screw tightly into the filter and then on to the barrel.

I heard we had some of the mechanically inclined local guys who have small metal workshops set up in their garages (surplus, auction, Harbor Freight, etc., origins) make a few adapters and thread a few barrels -- or match the factory threading on some guns -- and then played with them out on some private property away from watchful eyes. Of course, once they figured out that such an adapter might be illegal they immediately destroyed all of them and haven't tried to replicate again...cross my heart, stick a needle in my eye and hope to die... By the way, they work great; best with subsonic rounds (no telltale "crack)."

Anonymous said...

(from ar15.com)

Here is a email response from Cadiz Gun Works
The Econo Can Suppressor the adapter part is round in shape and threads on to an oil filter for the purpose of shooting though the oil filter and working as a silencer. The adapter part also has the manufacture name Cadiz Gun Works, Jewett, OH and is serial numbered and the oil filter is serial numbered to the adapter. The Econo Can Suppressor is a NFA registered product and transfers on a form 3 to your FFL/SOT dealer. Then you do a ATF Form 4 to register to you. The cost is $75.00 plus $10.00 S&H. The Econo Can Suppressor currently comes in two different thread sizes. 1/2 x 28 right hand threads and 14x1 left hand threads and more sizes coming soon. When the Econo-Can is shipped to you it comes with the Chevy, V8, 350 oil filter attached. The oil filter is serial numbered to the adapter piece. We register it as a complete unit.
The Econo can is available and can ship to a FFL/SOT dealer in your state on a form 3. We will need a signed copy of their license. FFL/SOT may be emailed to FFL@CadizGunWorks.com. If you need help locating a dealer, let me know.

BadCyborg said...

I'd like to see it on something besides a .22. With my earmuffs on my 597 sounds like the guns in the vid. Even WITH the earmuffs my two .40 cal pistols and my .308 make a healthy "boom". Wonder how hard it'd be for a halfway decent machinist to hokey up one of those little adapters.

Da Curly Wolf said...


Anonymous said...

The people in the video have made an adaptor for the oil can.
Looks (and sounds) fairly effective for .22s, maybe not so much for larger more powerful calibers.
I need to go check out their website.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

It's time to start threading barrels with the same threads that common oil filters have, so the adapter is not needed.

BTW if Congress passes a victim disarmament bill instantly making 10 million Americans felons, I guess we can stop worrying about getting federal tax stamps any more. Look at the bright side of gun control, heh.