Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well, now, ain't that stupid?

Syria loads chemical weapons into bombs; military awaits Assad's order.


Anonymous said...

Well, if Saddam sneaked the chemicals across the border prior to being invaded in 2003, isn't it Bushs' fault?"

gratefuldog said...

"Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reiterated U.S. warnings to Assad not to use chemical weapons, saying he would be crossing "a red line" if he did so."

Use of chemical weapons would result in an immediate and strongly worded apology from the Obama Administration.

Anonymous said...

Everyone please be careful and don't fall for this. This story is coming from NBC "News" ( Pravda ). Obama needs an excuse for us to enter Syria on the predominantly muslim brotherhood rebels side,so he can help throw another country to the islamists. Don't believe this story for one second that Assad is going to launch chemical weapons. Obama/Hillary will do it and blame Assad and the syrian government.

Anonymous said...

I have several friends who were with the 2123rd Transportation Company of the Kentucky National Guard in Gulf War 1 who were exposed to SARIN gas at the KHAMISIYAH ammo dump where the US forces were blowing up some of Saddam's ammo stockpile. If you do a GOOGLE search for KHAMISIYAH there is a lot of info on the Gulf War Disease regarding that ammo dump. Of the 22 members of my local Nat Guard unit, 12 are already dead, 2 from young age heart attacks and 10 from BRAIN CANCER. One of them lives 2 doors from me and he is in the early stages of Organic Brain Disease.
If that junk gets released on the Syrians, a bunch will die right off and many many more will be facing brain cancer and other problems many years in the future. That Sarin is some really NASTY stuff.
FYI, The Bluegrass Army Depot is located on the East side of the town where I live and has a stockpile of old chemical weapons that are slated for destruction. The tree huggers do not want them incinerated so the plan is to use "Critical Water Oxidization" which is an unproven method of getting rid of this junk. The use of Chemical Weapons is truly an evil act.

Anonymous said...

The nice faction we're backing in Syria has made clear their intent to "ethnically cleanse" the country after they win. One of their slogans is: "Christians to Beirute, Alawites to the grave yard". This means they'll let the Christians leave for Lebanon, but they're going to kill all of the folks related to Assad they can catch.

So why would Assad be holding anything back? He's as dead as Saddam or Mohamer if he losses, and most of his tribe with him.

We really need to think about who we back in the middlewast more carefully.

Anonymous said...

Watch Syria carefully.....

The Al-Assad family used to be the Al-Wahash family.

I believe Bashar is poised to reveal himself to the world.

Anonymous said...

Is there a delayed echo coming from Washington ? , seem`s like we `ve heard this tune before.

AJ said...

I call bullshit. The last thing Syria wants is for overt US/NATO involvement. Assad has his hands full just dealing with Al-CIAda.
O'bomb-a, the MIC, and the big banks are chomping at the bit to expend some more US ordnance.

Ed said...

Anonymous commented:

"The Al-Assad family used to be the Al-Wahash family."

Al-Assad = the lion
Al-Wahash = the beast

In "Romeo and Juliet", William Shakespeare wrote

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet"

If you are an antelope, a lion is a beast to be feared.

Anonymous said...

Ed clearly didn't get the scriptural reference.