Thursday, December 20, 2012

Uncivil Disobedience to Feinstein's Intolerable Act. An armed march on Washington?

Gravelly Point Park, Virginia, 19 April 2010.
The gun control drums continue to sound and Diane Feinstein has graced us with the outline of her bill.
A summary of key provisions in the updated bill:
* Stops the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of more than 100 specifically-named firearms as well as certain semiautomatic rifles, handguns and shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.
* Stops the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of large-capacity ammunition feeding devices (magazines, strips and drums) capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.
* Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:
o grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment;
o exempting more than 900 specifically-named weapons used for hunting and sporting purposes; and
o exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons.
Even before I saw that, yesterday I replied to a question from overseas about how I saw the legislative fight shaping up. Here is my response, in part:
This time feels different as far as the legislative prospects for more restrictions go. There is an absolute WALL of media noise that doesn't even make a pretense of another perspective (even FOX has been swept along). The hysteria is unprecedented. Everything hinges on:
1. Will Boehner still be Speaker of the House next term? (if so, add twenty points to the antis side of the column) and
2. Will the NRA fold like a cheap suit like they did for GCA 68 and the AWB94? (Ditto).
The bill as introduced is said to grandfather existing weapons, but to ban further production and sale of Evil Black Rifles and their Kalashnikov competitors, seize control of private sales without NICS checksI wouldn't be able to gift a rifle to you without the Feds' approval in advance) and ban hi-cap magazines.
How then may we resist this? Mt Top Patriot left this comment below that would be an excellent warning of the rattlesnake's tail:
I have an idea involving taking action, in a peaceful lawful manner.
An open march, in full kit, across flyover land. Just guys and girls in marshal parade, carrying their muskets, mess and kit. Peacefully, simply, fall in fall out as you desire. No destination, no declared intent, no overt conscious message, just a gathering hoofing it along. Ask folks along the road if they would care to provide a place for the marchers to bivouac for the night in their field or yard. A quiet gathering, calmly exercising the Constitutional freedoms to assemble, bear arms, cross states lines, unmolested. Respectfully. Lawfully. Peacefully. One big long color guard. You are supposed to have armed protection for Old Glory when on parade.
I like it. Each state or municipality could contribute a portion of the escort, picking it up as it crosses into their area and dropping off as it passes out, only to be taken up by folks on the other side. It would take a smaller core group and much planning and coordination with local authorities, but I like it. It could end at Gravelly Point Park in Virginia across the river from Mordor on the Potomac. This should be done while the bill is still being considered, if possible.
Whatever bill passes, if it passes, and it contains any of the above we are obliged to disobey it -- obnoxiously and flagrantly. If they ban hi-cap magazines, we must make more, sell existing ones openly; if they ban private sales, we must hold our own no-check gun shows; if they ban even one type of semi-auto military pattern rifle, we must build our own "assault weapons" in contravention of the odious act. We must anger the powers that be to the point where THEY come at US. No Fort Sumters on our part. Let them kill us if they want to work their will upon us. After that, and only after that, it becomes the time of 4th Generation Warfare and One Hundred Heads.
And, although this is not the way to bet, if we make all that plain ahead of time, perhaps they will get the message and back off. May God grant it to be so.


Anonymous said...

That and a good ole Washington Witch burning might just turn the tide of repression and tyranny.

The big problem is that so many want to be state slaves - thinking that will make their children so much 'safer'

Horrible fools ...

Anonymous said...

THEY ARE ALLREADY COMEING AFTER US!@!@!!!! THis IS civilian disarmerment. They DO NOT CARE what we say. They DO NOT CARE what we do. No march, No protest, will change ANYTHING. Obama ET AL,means to EXTEMINATE US. Right now this second,we are slaves. You ask us to beg our masters to let us keep our rights. The ones granted us by allmighty GOD. We are ordered to bow down and kiss the feet of scum not fit to wipe a dogs ass. I DON'T THINK SO. The NAZI SCUM that are now our "government" are TELLING us how they will RAPE OUR CHILDEN. Will we let it happen? Or will we with the might of GOD fight for our holy rights. The time for "peacefull change" is ended. It is time to stop runing. Its time to stand ;or lose EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

All i know is whatever we own now,we can't ever give up,regardless if it is a semi-auto AR or AK pattern rifle,to a high capacity magazine. We cannot turn in anything! We now as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the west,that there will be a "False Flag" event, shortly after The repubs sell us down the river and agree to this Ban by Feinstein, designed to give Obama a reason to issue a decree going one step further to Ban possesion of all semi-auto's. This proposed Law by Feinstein is the proverbial camels nose in the tent,designed to lull us into a false sense of security,by "Letting us" keep our semi-auto's. They think we are going to be fooled into thinking that Obama won't soon use the next slaughter,as a reason to issue a decree making the possesion of already owned semi-auto's illegal. We ain't turning them in no matter what!

After that,they will be back for all revolvers, all bolt action rifles and all muskets.

Yet,the Beauty of our God Given Second Ammendment Right's is, we can alway's say NO to any attempts at confiscation and back it up with force! Obama,we ain't turning nothing in!

SWIFT said...

The Republic is on dangerous ground. As each day passes in this crises, the rhetoric from both sides becomes more divisive. Anyone with eyes to see, knows where this is going. It will not, cannot end with the lefties passing legislation and everyone returning to the status quo. I have to believe the scum in Washington think that is exactly what will happen. They believe this because they never rub elbows with the common man. Even during congressional recess, they socialize with lawyers, judges, businessmen and all manner of the local ruling elite. They do not have their fingers on the pulse of the general public in their constituency. In this perilous time, it could and probably will be, a fatal error.

Sedition said...

Mayabe we should up the policy to 150 heads.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see someone, ANYONE, organize a march like this. There are some issues about carrying, but it could be done symbolically with something. Anybody? Anybody? Post a link...Post a poll...Post a signup sheet.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit Mike.

With all due respect passing this law WILL BE FORT SUMTER!!!

They dont intend for us to "Turn them in" all at once. Look at that law.
It bans the TRANSFER of semi autos. That will effectively end the sale or passing on of firearms.

If you cant sell it or give it away what does that mean?
It means when your dead they have to be turned in. It means you can no longer sell them to a pawn shop when your a little short of cash. It means you can no longer give one to your son for Christmas.

What more of an infringment do you need?
If they pass this law its WAR and we need to be sending THAT message to them in no uncertain terms.
We need to stand our ground.
NO more bans
No more restrictions
No more compromise

Pass any new control legislation and we fight
They are calling all the bets and going all in. This is their lawfare offensive.


Mt Top Patriot said...


"It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.

Let them restore it to find refuge from us."

– TL Davis

Anonymous said...

Concur with both anonymous and swift. In addition . . .

"Any elected or appointed government official that does not unconditionally support the US Constitution and Bill of Rights is in violation of his/her oath of office."


Anonymous said...

"perhaps they will get the message and back off"

That kind of thinking was common on both sides of the issues in the 1750's and again in the 1850's. The problem is that the masses in both cases were driven by ideologues who had a limited understanding of the other side's motivation and commitment. As an example, consider the opinions and predictions in both the North and the South prior to the bloodbath at first Manassas/Bull Run and the changes in same on both sides afterwards.

One variable that must be considered is: the people in the South felt they would obviously win because their cause was morally superior, in spite of the fact that they had no navy, no arms making infrastructure, and no source of gunpowder. Compare that to today's rants on HufPo and other sites where the left claims "the militia" is obsolete because the government has all the nuclear weapons, drones, tanks, etc. What they fail to account for is that the men and women who crew those awesome weapons are the very people and the sons and daughters of the people that the left supposes the government will turn those weapons on. There may be a few in uniform who would turn upon American civilians if the order was given, but I suspect the internal response within the military would destroy those forces as they currently exist.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein..."Gun control for you... but not for me."

Anonymous said...

I hate to point this out but I must do so never the less. You, we, have deliberately been placed in a position of extreme disadvantage, which cannot be remedied by defensive actions and sending messages that they laugh at and propagandise the population about.

Defensive actions do not win wars and they are at war with America, her constitution, bill of rights, freedom and individual liberties and of course the people, whom they wish to enslave. Their every action proves this beyond argument and doubt.

Disciple of Night said...

Sounds good to me. The Left is trying to make gun ownership the most evil property rite since slavery. When the majority of internet comments from the average person on their side talks of "killing NRA members" and how everyone who owns an AR-15 has a "mental illness" I think a little posturing is entirely appropriate.

This is the same administration who allowed the Black Panthers to get off scott free after preaching genocide against whites.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the useful idiots on the other side plan on a march FOR disarmament, at the January 21 Inauguration, so perhaps we need to show up too:

Anonymous said...

We need to learn from our elders. Metalworking/tool and die making is becoming a lost art with all the dependence on computers and CNC machines. We need to find people who would be willing to teach some of us these skills so we can make things on our own if the need ever comes.

Freedom First 1775 said...

Thanks Mike for a well thought out response. Personally I am up for a long hike and I have forwarded your idea to the local COS.

Thanks again and you are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

There are parallels that may be instructive in this:

AJ said...

"Dangerous guns that have killed so many people...."
In 2011, 323 people were murdered by someone with a rifle. Out of 320 million. That's a mathematically insignificant number.

CowboyDan said...

So what's the line of march?

I live near an interstate hard by the Mississippi River. It doesn't get much more Midwestern than this. We'll have to march through Chicago, and that could get real interesting if Emanuel wants to make it so.

He might find out that the CPD does not blindly follow his orders. Those marching might find out that they DO. Bad deal for somebody either way.

I just went East in October. I hadn't planned to go again soon, but this is an important mission, so I just may. I'm not working now, and I'll definitely be a better man for the going.

Lets hash this out. It could be real interesting, and it may save our republic. God bless America!

Anonymous said...

I own 135 acres an hour south of Abilene, TX.

Not only would I be interested in marching as far east as Washington, provided I have the time between work periods,I have two large fields where others could bivouac for a few days as the column made its way east.

Small town nearby (5 miles) with a nice little family grocery. Heart of Texas.

Anonymous said...

Don't wait for them to pass the law.

"Break their windows. Break them now." seems appropriate at this juncture.

Mt Top Patriot said...

keep it simple and elegant. Pick a place to begin, whoever wants to start there meet up on a day, start marching east. It's Liberty at it's finest. Start on the eastern border of Texas? A more central location? Western Tennessee? Minor logistics. kit up, pack some grub and beverage, a bivy bag, bring a musical instrument, your favored musket, ball and powder, sturdy boots and clean socks. A favored flag or pennant to wave high and proud. I like the pine tree flag, "An Appeal To God", but that is just me.
Whoever wishes to partake at any time, any place, for however long they can. 1 hour, one day, it is the act that counts. Something like this can take on a life of it's own and grow beyond the highest expectations.
No organization required. No special interests or considerations to wrestle with. No need for lawyers or permits or permission, or what have you. There is no need for leaders, as we are all leaders in our own Liberty. It is time we are, because truth be told we have forgotten this gift our founders bequeathed us to secure that Liberty.

The 2nd Amendment isn't the only freedom that will be exercised. You have the 1st exercised with profound abandon, the 3rd in a sense, the 4th absolutely, the 9th as a matter of course, the 10th in it's purest ideal because we of the people are the supreme sovereign and final arbitrator of out freedoms after all, the 14th if a particular state or states get frisky with asserting unlawful power not of theirs to assert, and last but not least the 21st, because a man's throat can get mighty parched after a marshal day of parade of Liberty, especially in the finest tradition of our founders and their love of the Godly spirits.

It is the idea of asserting our Liberty in the most fundamental manner possible, an exposition of freedom at the most grass roots level possible.
Can you imagine the consternation aroused over the unmitigated gall of us domestic terrorists, the nerve of us, how dare these ruffians question the authority of the ruling class? The 5th column media would succumb to apoplectic shock seeing a line of free men and woman regaled in their finest symbols of Liberty. Armed brigands running wild through the heartland! Oh the humanity! How dare they rob of us of our carefully fabricated meme of wanton violence caused by such mouth breathers in possession of the dreaded blood soak assault weapons!

Think in terms of the legitimacy such an overt act of exercising our primal God given rights, in full open view of our fellow American's.

Can't speak for other Patriots, but it is high time, I'm ready to face down the tormentors and traitors of Liberty. I'm ready to look tyranny right in the face and see it blink first.

It is time to spread the Gospel of Liberty.

Who, upon seeing such a lawful and peaceful display of our Liberty, the proud the brave marching in virgin solidarity, in resolve for what is ours and ours alone, those of Liberty would wish they where there?

Who is ready?

Come on lets do this.

There is no one stopping us but ourselves.

Anonymous said...

No need of muskets; pitchforks, hoes and shovels will say the samething.

Hefferman said...

We need an armed march on Washington. Thousands of well armed citizens marching on the Capital Building.
We will be peaceful, if they let us, but we need to march one way, or another.

When do we do it?
Where do we meet to start the march?

Someone who knows the area speak up and give us a place.
As for the time, how about when they are swearing in the new members of Congress?

bloodyspartan said...

The Policy is NO bullets use a sword, no Heads left then we stop.

Anonymous said...

Zero the usurper mentioned the commission with Biden and others, yet no mention of the usual anti-gun b.s. report and maybe an executive's rumored online here:

Edicts carried about by Feds while courts deal with it..maybe that's the plan from the liberal fascists masters(Zero being a drugged out sodomite puppet, given far to much credit), play around in courts until the 2 new SCOTUS judges (already picked by the liberal fascists) are placed in to sway the vote and pretend to knock down the 2nd amendment. ?? Just some thoughts.

The morons are making a massive overreach, at a time when firearms sales were already highest ever from the tyranny of this rogue regime, not to mention coming economic collapse, and half the populace is already pissed off. Bravo fools.

Anonymous said...

Would not turning your, lawfully owned firearm to the government be a transfer of ownership? By definition, yes. So the Fed-Coats are looking to enact a "law" that makes you a criminal if you don't obey (keep your firearm), and make you a criminal if you turn it in (transfer of possession).

So the real question is, do you keep your firearm and become an armed "criminal" capable of defending himself, or do you willfully turn it in thereby becoming an unarmed "criminal" who is now defenseless?

Yank lll said...

Any kind of open protest in any city under the domestic enemy's control is nonsensical.. compare it to the jews marching in protest to Hitler in berlin.. come on guys !! ..this aint no friggen church social or cribbage game !
Where are your heads ?We should be creating back channel comm protocols and other important things rather than wasting our security and energy on such futile nonsense.. as if they really GARA !

Let these communist scumbags ban whatever they want , let them enforce it then follow SOP.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

Fuck yes! I'm in!

Big Chief said...

Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto (the welfare of the people is the supreme law) is the State motto of Missouri. It is also a fundamental truth that all free men observe. No law made of man can transcend one's God-given right of self protection.

In a "democracy" in which 51% of the people may dispossess the other 49%, the motto is essential to the well being of the latter group. I have heard Obama supporters say that those who opposed their false messiah just have to accept his victory and whatever he may decide to do with their rights, their property, and their lives.

To this, my simple answer is "No." He and his minions may, for instance, pass a "law," render an executive decision, or push through a court decision to take what is necessary for my (and my family's) survival. But the law of Salus Populi says that my right to survive--and by implication, to prosper--trumps any attempt to harm me. And it is my decision as to what is harmful to me and my kith and kin; I know what we need to survive and prosper. Government does not.

As you all know, since the tragic school shooting in Connecticut, the issue of gun control has been at the top of the news. The regime would like nothing better than to outlaw firearms and make us defenseless serfs. But I have determined that I need firearms to protect my family and my liberty. And I will decide what sort of firearms are necessary for those tasks. In the process it is my truthful desire to be able to obey the laws of my sovereign State of Alabama where firearms possession and use are concerned. But any "law", declaration, or decision that mandates that I disarm myself shall in my household be declared null and void.

In the end, I expect that the most important manifestation of the law of Salus Populi for the South will be secession and independence. But to accomplish that we must be in possession of the means to protect ourselves from those who would enslave us. Let us, then, declare as the Southern People united that we invoke the law of Salus Populi against all tyrants, foreign or domestic.--Big Chief

Charles N. Steele said...

Bullseye! You are absolutely on target. This is the best idea for a response I've seen. We're peace loving freemen and free women. But μολὼν λαβέ, and laissez nous faire, leave us alone.

Let's march.

Charles N. Steele said...

One other point: passing a law is not the same as enforcing it. How effective have the bans on drugs been? ARs were the number 1 selling firearm this past year, and when Barack was reelected sales increased. Then B.O. gave his Newtown speech and promised gun control and sales increased even more. Thant tells you what you need to know.

Hahaha! Sorry Barack, I'm afraid people just aren't "coming together" with you, and the chances of Americans being disarmed are zero.

Mt Top Patriot said...

I am no criminal because I own a rifle some very sick individual murdered children.

To propose I am to relinquish my means of suitable safety using the arms of my choosing, for the moral means of my and my families, and my nations defense, dictated by a bunch of incompetent clowns who have made a disaster out of the most prosperous society the human race has known is the pinnacle of absurdity.

My Liberty is to be decided by people who I without reservation consider the morally bankrupt scum of society, scum who have either had a hand in giving, or enabling through lack of principle and respect for our sacred Constitutional laws, called treason, aiding and abetting enemies of this Republic, into the hands of a great number of the most vicious bloodthirsty villains in the world, 2000 documented,(WTF!!!!!), of the same arms I am not to be trusted with possessing?

2000 of the same "assault weapons" purposefully and willfully placed into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, with the hopeful intent to create out of the inevitable bloodshed, a narrative, a crisis as a means to outlaw the same weapons used in the first place?! It is an outright conspiracy to use this tragedy to substantiate a lie that these arms, that are legal in every conceivable parameter, are the same arms I am to be denied?

Who are these idiots who presume to have rules for themselves that violate every standard of morality and rule of law of this land, and then have the hubris to violate the law again, specifically the 2nd Amendment?

To get up in front of the nation, whoring out their sick agenda of disarming us over the dead bodies of all those sweet children. All those people, hundreds upon hundreds murdered by those weapons of operation Fast and Furious. Thousands dead or maimed in our own towns and neighborhoods because these same ruling class idiots have disarmed law abiding people from the only means of viable self defense from criminals.

It is they who through their sick meddling in our affairs speaking truth to fact who have manipulated every facet of our society, leaving nothing unsoiled by their omnipotent hubris, meddled with everything across the entire sphere of our Lives, Liberty and Prosperity.

They are a vermin, a disease on our Nation, a plague of corruption, both morally and economically. They have squandered stolen and extorted not only our wealth as a nation, but the very seed corn of our prosperity. They have pushed us to the brink of collapse, and still they presume it is us who produce, we must pay again to bail out their theft and incompetence, that which what was stolen from us in the first place.

You bet I'm going to march!
March with a bone in my teeth!
It is time to show these fools we are not to be trifled with!
We are not to be taken for granted!
We are not chattel, we are not sefrs, or subjects. or slaves! We do not belong to these tyrants, nor do we belong to their made up rules and edicts!

It is time to show these scum who is the Boss in this Republic!
It is time to shake our fists in their smug and arrogant faces, show them the teeth behind our Liberty. It is time they understand it is our will that will be respected and obeyed!

That is the ultimate law of our land.

It is time for them to fear the rule of law, for them to find refuge from the wrath of the Just and Sovereign.

It is time for them to know beyond all doubt that Liberty is to be feared when it is threatened.

It is time to reverse fear as a tool it has been insidiously used to manipulate and herd America into subservience to tyranny.

It is time for them to fear we the people.

It is time to march to the front lines of the war of tyranny waged upon Liberty!

A war waged upon our very selves and everything that makes us American's.

Jim Klein said...

Good men come up with good ideas. "Mt Top Patriot;" 'nuff said.

A Reader said...

@Anon near Abilene:
Is that an hour due south or an hour down 83/84?

Stay safe.
Long live liberty. Long live Texas.

Paul X said...

I don't think a march is a great idea; it's the wrong demographic. Better to prepare, bide our time, let the enforcers make the first move if they dare. And completely ignore any law passed, of course.

However if a march happens in my area, I will participate.

Anonymous said...

And, if that doesn't work, we can always break their windows... with preferably larger bricks.


DAN III said...


Great concept. Here's the basic problem with "the walk". Even if the planning, logistics, etc, were to come many of you could physically WALK ? How many of you have recently walked 2 blocks, 2 miles, 20 miles ? Now add a ruck with just 10 pounds but better yet 50 pounds !

Great idea....but how far can YOU walk other than to your car in the garage or to the beer in the 'fridge ?


Anonymous said...

I'm retired from the Army, I can still cover 15-20 K's a day with a pack and weapon .... I took an oath...I still live by it ... I would carry my M-1903A3.... All the way from Colfax Ca if I had the support !!!!

Gold star farther...


Anonymous said...

for those that cant make the full push a muster at gravelly point in full rattle to summon the masters across the river should suffice

Anonymous said...

@A Reader...

Yes.. I'm near where 84 & 67 join

Mt Top Patriot said...

The most gracious Anonymous from Texas said:

I own 135 acres an hour south of Abilene, TX.

I have two large fields where others could bivouac for a few days as the column made its way east.

My friend,
we need to talk.
Starting out in the Great Republic of Texas, that's lends great creedence to the whole affair 2nd to none.

A Reader said...

@Anon Near Abilene
I think my usual route home to my folks' place goes right through your AO. We go right past the little stone pioneer house on the edge of Santa Anna. My darling and I like to stop at Underwood's for lunch or dinner if we have the time.