Thursday, December 13, 2012

Two from David Codrea.

Anti-gun state senator punishes law-abiding Oregonians for Clackamas shooting
Prominent Second Amendment attorney foresees ‘shall issue’ carry in Illinois


Anonymous said...

Note that Burdick's bill ends with "an emergency is declared to exist". Ever wonder why a lot of legislation includes that phrase? Do some research, and you'll find that this has been included in a lot of legislation since the UN was created - it's their favorite ploy to enact and enable restrictive legislation which controls entire countries since the mutual declarations of war in 1941. My research indicates that war has never been "undeclared". There has been a declaration of the "end of hostilities", but the declaration of the end of the war has not been declared, as far as I know. It just continued into the Korean "war" - a UN "police operation/action", into Viet Nam, etc., etc. - ad infinitum.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news. Heartbreaking.

Ya'll know what's coming now...right?

Ya know, all these murderer's are gonna be the death knoll of the 2nd Amendment. People are getting real nervous and this one will probably serve to unite the gun control crowd like never before. 18 children dead. You watch. By tomorrow every Congresscritter on the face of the planet will introduce one gun control bill or another. After all...killing kids are a no no when it comes to guns.

2nd Amendment or not...this makes me sick to my stomach. My heart goes out to these parents.