Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Too late, John "Old Yellowstain" Boehner faces conservative opposition.

Conservative groups rebel against Boehner


Anonymous said...

There aren't enough filthy words for me to use to describe my feelings for this POS traitor.

What does a constitution and bill of rights mean to a traitor. Zero, which is the worth I place in them.

(there are more than just him)

William Flatt said...

The larger joke is that the 'GOP leadership' - isn't.

Boehner is such a pantywaist that he deserves everything that's gonna happen to him for the remainder of his tenancy in Foggy Bottom.

I don't think anyone can legitimately point to a single Republican (other than Ron Paul) as an example of dynamic, limited government statesmanship holding the line against socialist tyranny and total government. Even Rand Paul stabbed his old man in the back by throwing in with 'hollow suit' Mittens. So now Ron is retiring and there is no one of actual substance to stand in the gap and speak truth to power. I'm not putting any faith in Dr. Paul's last two presidential bids in having accomplished his true goal; to generate a new generation of liberty-minded Republicans. It's not just that last month looked like 'Dawn of the Obamazombies', just that across the board, only statists are getting elected. In my mind, it rather confirms that we have long ago lost the electoral process to the subversion that has already claimed every other aspect of our society, from education and commerce to media and public discourse.

As far as I can see, all the liberty lovers are stocking up on guns, ammo, commo, and the other implements of war because nobody wants to go quietly into the long goodnight. The progs, as intellectually weak as their arguments have always been, are no stronger than they ever were. The problem is with the complete emasculation of the GOP in regards to actual constitutional conservatism. With a hollowed-out, moribund GOP, it is possible that all the libertarian minded conservatives will jump ship and bolster the Libertarian Party, but I don't believe that the Republicrats (or Demopublicans) will allow LP candidates to take the stage. The GOP will continue to wither and then the true nature of one-party rule will reveal itself as Americans wake up to the fact that the Democrat-Republican duopoly of power is just that. And then, with the reality of one-party rule exposed, will the progs finally 'pull the pin' and try to take our guns and our last freedoms by force? Most of the people I know say it's not if, but when.

I do not relish the prospect, but like an economic correction that's long overdue, better to get it over with now while it's only very painful than wait till later when it proves to be lethal to our nation.

Ashrak said...

Bob Beckle just said he would take all guns away from everyone. Mr Superdelegate himself would love to strike a deal with old yellow stain. Sadly the silent speaker would prolly live to make such a deal as he continues his path if bowing to his democrat masters


Anonymous said...


Trinity said...

@William: Good points all, however in reality we are already under the thumb of one party rule. Despite all the bellowing to the contrary, accompanied by phony beating of the hollow chests, the Republican controllers -- the so-called establishment elites who control the party -- are part and parcel neoconservatives.

Like their progressive brethren they believe in a big controlling welfare/warfare government guiding the development and rules of society by their version of modern day philosopher kings. While the neocons favor the warfare imperialistic tendencies over the welfare aspects, they will support both -- the progressives favor the welfare aspects, but will support the warfare side of the equation. And, of course, the progs want society ruled by their version of philosopher kings.

However, they are both collectivist and statist by nature believing that us poor benighted mundanes can't take care of ourselves -- we can only survive and prosper (their version of prosper) under their rule.

In reality, they are but the right and left wing of the same new American bird -- the vulture. The only real fight is to see which wing is the final holder of the reigns as we gallop into oblivion. Whether the Republicans or Democrats -- as you so aptly stated, the Demopublicans --are holding the thrones of power, we lose...prepare for the eventual SHTF in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Both Political parties establishments,are working toward a "New World Order,One World Government".The goal of that "New World Order",is to enslave and then commit genocide upon as many people as possible.They are that bad. They are doing it collaboratively and knowingly. At some level they are all working for the oligarchal Banksters Rockefeller/Rotschild and their many Global lieutenants ( Bernanke,Legarde,Bush/Rove/Cheney,Obama/Jarrett/Soros,Kissinger,Brezinski,Gordon Brown,Bill Gates,Buffett and many others ) toward that goal. They are all murderously and monstrously evil. Satanically Evil.

All you have to do to know how many repub traitors there are ( As well as dem Traitors ) is to see who voted for the NDAA. Even though it was hidden in some other piece of legislation to give them cover. They all knew the main priority of that piece of legislation was to use it to get the NDAA passed. They all knew the NDAA was to capture and Murder non-compliant American Citizens who are a threat to the establishment politicians and oligarch's of either party.

Like i said,we are dealing with monstrous evil.

Anonymous said...

quote:"Like i said,we are dealing with monstrous evil." unquote

I'll file that under
"massive understatements" :)

Judgement Comes said...

We must never be so obtuse as to forget, when we are considering the 'outrage du jour' in American government, that we are governed by a single ruling class that calls itself by two names in order to set up the false flag conflicts that distract thinking people from the real enemy. That would be all members of the ruling cabal in Washington DC.

Different whores in the same whorehouse. Some pandering to the wealthy, some to the poor, some to the sodomites, some even or especially to 'snuff' afficianados.

All whores, none-the-less, after your money, your soul, your life.

Boehner is a madam.