Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Real Second Amendment

We must first understand that we did not invent the 2nd Amendment; we inherited it. The justification of the 2nd Amendment is rooted in late 12th and early 13th century England with the innovation of the Welsh; later called English, longbow.


Billll said...

As I have been led to believe, the 2nd amendment goes back to king Uthar (I think) in about 800 AD when the Vikings were raiding England and he realized that there was no way he could call up his army and march to York, or wherever they were before they had looted, pillaged, raped, burned, and departed.

By royal decree, the local defense was given to the locals. Everyone was encouraged to get whatever weaponry he could afford and learn to use it. This proved popular and was generally kept with exceptions now and then for belonging to the wrong religion or political faction.

Ryan said...

Blasphemy! I didn't inherit my 2nd Amendment right from the 12th Century English, Welsh, or anyone else, it was given to me by my creator, God, and savior.