Thursday, December 20, 2012

Silly people. They think the NRA is the worst thing they have to worry about.

NRA shifts to crisis mode


Anonymous said...

The signs being carried by the protesters have the name, "Credo Action", on the bottom of their posters. Check the link, it appears thery are a bunch of whine-ass, professional left-wingers that have a variety of causes they champion.

This fact, confirmed by their website, damages their credibility for their picket of the NRA. They hate everything... like all progressives.

Anonymous said...

The NRA (Negotiating Rights Away) along with the GOP (dead elephants)are useless and should both go the way of the dodo bird.


Sean said...

If I read that article right, they said that no one expected them (the six year old children) to be armed. Almost a good an argument about doing such and such would not bring so and so back from the dead. NOTHING would bring them back from the dead. Worst straw man evah. Anyway, arming the teachers would of course, bring this BS to a complete halt. Since they trust no one, including themselves with a gun, they won't even try it.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to paraphrase something I heard that was atributed to Jimmy Carter. If the NRA is accused of being a defender of the Second Amendment, is there sufficient evidence to convict them in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt?

I say there isn't and I'm an Endowment Member in the organization.

The NRA is:
1. A marksmanship training organization.
2. A gun safety training organization.

In fact, up until recent times, the NRA showed no interest in gun control legislation or the Second Amendment. Read Neal Knox's book about his struggle to try to refocus the NRA on gun rights and you will have a better understanding. Research what Wayne LaPierre did to real 2A defenders like Harlon Carter and Neal Knox and you will know.

The NRA was brought into the struggle kicking and screaming all the way. They want no part of it and their commitment to it is as deep as a coat of paint.

One may as well expect the Republican Party to be conservatives. Oh wait! We make that mistake too!

jon said...

ny daily news wants you to cut out and mail in your signature for their petition, seen at the bottom of this article.

perhaps they should receive a number of somewhat different fliers.

Anonymous said...

No Mike these people don’t have a clue!

Locally where I live in private conversations words like “Rebellion”, “Civil War” and “Up-Rising” are being used as commonly as people would talk about the weather.

My local State Representatives office is having men come in so angry they are near tears over the assault on guns and that’s not counting the phone calls.

A former Mayor of a county seat town that has a lot of connections has told me that it’s going to get so bad we will be fighting in the streets. He seemed to have some inside information that something big was coming but didn’t elaborate.

It looks more and more like the future of our country will be decided in the streets whether we want it or not!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps super gluing ones plackard to the butt of an AR15 may have some merrit? Though driving nails into an M14 stock may be going a bit too far!


Anonymous said...

The NRA First President was Amabrose Burnside. a Union General committed to making the American people subservieant to the Govenment. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! the NRA is not now and IT HAS NEVER BEEN A SUPPORTER of the U.S. Constitution OR the 2nd Ammendment.


The Colonel said...

Look at these people they look like zombies,most have their mouths hanging down and the look off nobody home . They really do not have a clue , next we must ban cars and baseball bats.

Charles N. Steele said...

The progressives are scared of the NRA. That's enough to absolve NRA. I'm a member, and while I've often been disappointed with them, they do fight and aren't the enemy. They've also greatly improved over what they were, say, 20 years ago. Don't knock them. Using them is better. Perhaps we should take 'em over.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps we should take 'em over."

Most NRA members are not eligible to vote for the Board of Directors. You have to be a "lifer" or at least a 5-year annual member. Of those who are, most don't bother to vote. Something like 7% of the ballots sent to life & 5-year annuals are returned. They are way outnumbered by a theoretical "three percent" of American gun owners. But if you read this blog and David Codrea's regularly you soon realize that many of the "three percent" would not participate in an attempt to "take 'em over" for one reason or another.

I've written in David's name on the last two ballots. Maybe if more of us bothered we could get him and/or Mike on the board. That would certainly tie Wayne's knickers in a knot!

A good article on the process, warts and all, can be found here:

pdxr13 said...

This is all little stuff, compared to "life support", which comes at very least the last 20 miles by truck.

These are the morons with empty refrigerators and non-producing jobs. Do we see any engineering, or manufacturing, or petroleum people holding signs demanding that we submit to the will of Mordor?

A: no.

As I see the future, it's a question of sequencing: Who first?

Will it be Japan, China, Eurozone, or USA taking the hyperinflation/default plunge, then dragging down the rest to undeniable depression and inevitable war?

I'm planning and working to live through 2 winters unsupported, and to drag my peeps along with me. Best case: survive to rebuild as free people. Worst case: survive as slaves being worked to death to rebuild someone else's idea of Utopia.


ArmedPatriotsDOTcom said...

Dont worry about the raping baby murderer breaking down your door....STOP THE NRA!