Wednesday, December 19, 2012

President Barack Obama to announce Biden-led "gun violence task force."

To get rid of all those violent guns that jump up and shoot people all by themselves.


countenance said...

Letting Biden run the point on a major legislative initiative is the next best thing to admitting that you're going to lose. Might as well just hand ball over to our team at half court and save the embarrassment of Biden actually turning it over.

Whizbanger said...

This may actually be a goodness thing, given Biden's ability to say really stupid stuff with great authority.

Anonymous said...

By picking Joe Biden to lead the task force, Mr. Obama ensured that it would conduct an impartial review and issue recomendations that take into account constitutional principles and the views of all Americans, including gun owners.

But wouldn't Josh Sugarman or Sara Brady have been a better choice?

jon said...

someone should draw a cartoon of that.

handy the handgun, walking down a sidewalk, whistling -- when all of a sudden he realizes he's walked himself into sight of a nearby K-12 school! "schoolchildren?!" exclaims handy. his demeanor goes from lighthearted to furious, causing him to appear to heat up and steam. his trigger begins cycling itself as he jumps around furiously, pointing every which way. handy runs dry and reloads himself twice from magazines that appear off-stage, screeching at the inconvenience. he tires out and falls over. "phew." the scene cuts to a graveyard with many headstones and the audio gives way as a low piano chord is struck. US flags flapping in the background, the words "VOTE DEMOCRAT" are superimposed on the scene.

DrJSmith said...

Mr. Vanderboegh,

I voted wholeheartedly for Obama in 2008 and earlier this year. I agree that there needs to be a national dialog on guns, and that some solution to the violence must be found.

What I don't agree with is the idea of banning private, sane individuals from owning means of defense.

Look at it from my point of view and you may understand why I feel alienated on both sides: what if we get someone even worse in my eyes than Bush 2? What if people manage to push someone worse in my eyes than Obama is in your eyes? I'm not about to give up my means of defense.

While I can understand the thought process that goes into wanting to ban something, has it ever worked? Alcohol, cannabis, guns, when has any of it worked?

The party in control now may quite literally not be the party of 2016, and that scares me. I can't believe that everyone who also proudly voted Democrat this year and in 2008 wants to give only the police and military the ability to own guns. If those police and military people are someday controlled by Repubs or others who want to do away with my rights I want to make sure we're able to say no and mean it! I'm not about to get rolled over by a Nazi-like party of lunatics.

When people talk about banning guns they're talking about banning themselves from having them if need be, as well.

Keep in mind that not every Democrat wants to ban guns even though my reasons are likely different than others have for wanting to keep their rights intact.

Just some thoughts from those you may view as enemies, though I sincerely hope not.

Dr. J. Smith

Anonymous said...

Thank God they are actually doing something about gun violence!

I remember back in 1993, some radical group shot and then burned about 80 men, women, and children in Texas. It was all over the news but there was never a call for new gun control legislation.

In fact, the people that committed the crime were never brought to justice. I think some of them even got medals.

I hope there will be justice for those people in Texas someday.

Anonymous said...

Biden should have valuable input concerning mental health even as a low information participant. Really, ol' Joe has made his deal with Satan as did the Obamas. Expect a hard, brutish screwing.

Anonymous said...

Dr J Smith says, "...I agree that there needs to be a national dialog on guns, and that some solution to the violence must be found..."
We already had that dialogue, Doc- sometime around 1780- and it was found sound and fair to all. Then the people allowed liberals, like Obama, to get in the house.

DrJSmith said...


First of all thanks for your level-headed response. That's something neither side has been good at lately, and I appreciate it.

As far as a national dialog goes, it's not one yet. Right now either side is just yelling incomprehensibly at one another.

My main drive is to help get laws in place regarding the mentally ill, not more restrictive gun laws. The laws we have on guns, if anything, are too strict already.

Why people were accepting to the removal of mental health laws and involuntary temporary commitment, I do not know. This deranged man who committed these violent acts should have been in on a psych screening, and kept until/unless he was once again rational.

Dr. J. Smith

Anonymous said...

Dr. J Smith, in case you are not fully informed regarding the national discussion, it has been going on for well over 40 years. Unfortunately, one side - heavily dominated by hoplophobes - will not rest until all citizens are disarmed and all remaining firearms are in the hands of the government. Then it will not matter one whit which political party is in power as their power will be absolute. Like it or not, that is the honest truth.