Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prayer Request

Please keep Julian and his wife Lynn in your prayers. Lynn has been seriously ill for some time, bouncing between hospital and homecare and yesterday she coded, was resuscitated and is now gravely ill. Please pray also for Julian, who is devoted to Lynn and would be devastated by her loss.


Rider said...

Will keep them in my prayers. Would please keep my wife in your prayers also. Colo/rectal CA. We started treatment yesterday!
We meet you Charlotte, MI. A few years back along with Dr. Martino. Blessing Mike to you and yours. Get well, we have a ways to go in this yet.
Thanks Rider

Anonymous said...

On there way.

CowboyDan said...

Done. Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Jesus, please act on behalf of Lynn. Your word declares "by your stripes we are healed". ThankyouLord Jesus for all you are doing for her, and allyouwill dofor her, we declare the victory. Halleluyah. Amen.