Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Praxis: Herschel Smith on SAPI Plates.

Thanks to Herschel for forwarding this link: China, SAPI Plates And Environmental Hypocrisy

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Anonymous said...

Somewhere I once read that the British WWI and early WWII and the American copies of the same did not offer the wearer good protection from mortar and artillary overhead bursts. Reason being, the helmets were stamped out in one press stage on the metal stamping press equipment which resulted in the metal as you went toward the top of the helmet becoming thiner and thiner while the rim pretty much remained the same thickness. The Germans in both their WWI and WWII coal bucket helmets stamped them out in three presses which kept the top metal thickness pretty much intact. Of course, a direct rifle shot will penetrate most steel pots and I suspect the modern ones too.