Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Praxis: The computer-blitzing drone that can cripple a nation's electronics at the touch of a button.

CHAMP (Stands for "Counter-electronics High power microwave Advanced Missile Project."


Anonymous said...

I love the fact that we have this weapon to use upon the enemy!

But the question must now be ask, Are we now the enemy, also?

More often now than not, that answer is yes.

William Flatt said...

Another good argument for keeping your logistics on the low end. Hopefully these EMP guns are unidirectional and can be 'pointed the other way' when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Modern computers are quite fragile and crude versions of such devices can be made by smart and enterprising freedom fighters or terrorists.

Its a scary tech as wide scale use by any party could reduce the US to a 4th word country, toot sweet

There are things that can be done.

Study will help. I recommend ladyada.net

The good lady has a wide range of devices , jammers, barf guns worth looking into and mastering the skills to make hers can enable better capabilities on those lines. AFAIK she does not have EMP devices though


Also here is an article on vacuum tube radios for preppers


These devices are not impervious to EMP but are highly resistant and would probably resist a good deal of drone based devices especially through rock and such. Good guys of any stripe might well look into them.

And last a short fluffy article on Faraday Cages

This is a super simple to make cheap tech that can provide more than a little defense vs. EMP attacks


I can't vouch for this but the principle is sound.

AJ said...

Looks like something from The Onion.