Sunday, December 2, 2012

Praxis: Casualty Evacuation by Way of the Israeli-designed Injured Personnel Carrier.

The Agilte Injured Personnel Carrier weighs only three-quarters of a pound, yet it can bear 5,000 pounds and enables a rescuer to carry someone on his or her back. The unit's 12.5-foot length folds down to just 10 inches. According to the manufacturer:
"The IPC is made of high-tensile military strength webbing or seat belt material, and it folds into an accordion shape so it's small enough to throw in a camping bag . . . It has built-in padding and it's sewn together in Delaware by the same people who make the harnesses for the US Air Force's V22 and C5 Aircraft."
IPC folded for stowage.
Video link.

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