Sunday, December 2, 2012

Now this headline is just plain hysterically funny.

"Mitt Romney? A LEADER of the GOP? That's the best laugh I've had since 1919."
The Associated Press sez: "Mitt Romney's loss creates GOP leadership vacuum."
This sock-puppet was forced upon the party by the real GOP leadership who were frightened of the prospect of a Tea Party-backed candidate. They got, in return, exactly what they did with Bob Dole and John McCain and what they deserved with Dubya in 2000. But don't try to sell me on the notion that Romney was some sort of principled political LEADER. He was an opportunist who had his head handed to him by an opponent who should have been easily beaten. So much for Karl Rove and his gang's reputed "political savvy."


Anonymous said...

quote:"Mitt Romney's loss creates GOP leadership vacuum." unquote
The entire GOP is a Parallel Universe filled with a vacuum of dark matter..between their ears. Mittens is a half-wit..on a good day, but since the GOP suffers from a mass lobotomy, they couldn't distinguish rock hard stupidity from plain ole dumb. Had they understood the Laws of Classical Stupidity..well, they might have fooled "all" the's team understood The Stupidity Theory of Politics...

"If x is the population of the United States and y is the degree of imbecility of the average American, then democracy is the theory that x times y is less than y."

Damn, ain't science amazing? Unfortunately though, they underestimated the Third Law of Thermodynamic Stupidity:

"Entropy, the spontaneous disorganization of matter, is universal and always proceeds from organization to disorganization. Stupidity will invariably progress from a disorganized state to larger and larger disorganized units that will eventually consume the entire universe."

ah, but I digress.

Anonymous said...


one more..

Romeny is living proof that stupidity exists in it's natural state.

Anonymous said...

The GOP has "leaders,"unfortunately it has a vacuum of principles in those "leaders" that renders it useless to freedom loving people. It's time for a new party that stands on the principles of our founding, win or lose even though it appears that a majority of the voters aren't bright enough to recognize or appreciate what we are losing. Smells like a battle brewing.

Anonymous said...

Your assessment agrees with an opinion I've held/expressed for two + decades. I.e. our bicameral/two-party system is being subverted by both the participants and the media. Increasingly there's little difference to foster a real voter choice between candidates/parties offered. The sole constant is both sides - and the media - unite to oppose any serious opposition arising from the vox populi !

IOW, we're losing our nation and governing philosophy to the machinations of our "masters". ! Having incrementally surrendered our rights as citizens over decades we're now going to be forced to "leap the shark" and sheep-like accept massive government intrusion into our personal, financial and private lives ! >Jeff

John Otis Comeau said...

thanks for this, better late than never. I was hoping for more of this sentiment before the election, but the "hold your nose and vote for Romney" idea was about all I was seeing. now we're stuck with Obama and *still* never sent a message to the GOP that we're tired of their neocons and pseudocons.