Thursday, December 6, 2012

More from "Old Yellowstain" Boehner.

"A white flag as big as a bedsheet."


Ashrak said...

CHICAGO -- A veteran state senator was arrested Wednesday after allegedly trying to board a flight from Chicago to Washington with a gun and ammunition in a carry-on bag, authorities said.

This will get interesting - or just buried.

Anonymous said...

Let it fall. Let it crash and burn.
There is no Republic worth saving here. It died a slow death of one thousand cuts administered by those charged with the duty of stewardship.

Let them all rot in hell.


Anonymous said...

What did you expect? Of course the republicans were going to roll over.

Otherwise...The only "fiscal cliff" is the one created by bankers who have trillions in digital money. And pay no attention to that "only earners who make $250k per year and above will be affected" claptrap. The REAL target is the middle class. The political elite is going to tax us into oblivion.....getting rid of deductions, raising rates, all the new taxes related to Obamacare….....they are going to tax the crap out of us, forcing many to go on food stamps.

Over the next four years, they will triple the number of people on food stamps. And they’re coming for your 401ks, IRAs, and private pension plans. Just y’all wait and see.

As a society, we’re now moving from dependence back into slavery.

Scott J said...

Dovetails nicely with Karl's take on DeMint's retirement.

Badger said...

Seriously, no surprise.
Well, alrighty then. I was wondering when "post-Tea Party" would come and we could start moving into 1774.