Friday, December 14, 2012

Media politico-racial obsession hits another new low.

ESPN’s Parker: RGIII A ‘Cornball Brother’ Due To White Fiancee, Possible Republican Leanings.


SWIFT said...

There will always be people like Rob Parker who use any avenue to widen the great divide among the American people. Unfortunately, there are too many out there who are just like him. None have any understanding of the law of Unintended Consequences. There cannot be two Americas. But, there will be two sides in Civil War 2, brought on by their incredible stupidity, or willful promotion.

Anonymous said...

Democrats were the original racists. The GOP had to drag them into integration etc.

This sounds like just another way of enforcing "no interracial marriages"...

They're still racists.

Anonymous said... can't be racist if you're black, Mike. Didn't you know that? LOL.

Trinity said...

ESPN's Parker is just another idiot progressive who, even though a black man himself, believes that the "cause," i.e., keeping the non-elite blacks -- and due to his position he is one of the elites -- must be kept as obedient slaves on the progressive plantation. Rather than encourage other blacks to get ahead, become a contributing and productive member of society the elites want them to cower under the faux umbrella of victimhood and vote en masse to support the progressive programs designed to maintain political and financial power -- programs which keep the "regular" black slave drones on the plantation.

Progressive elites, regardless of skin color, are the true racists in this country. Notice that if a white man disagrees ideologically with the Obamanation he is immediately labeled as a racist. But if a black conservative --i.e., Herman Cain, RGIII -- is chastised or belittled by any progressive (regardless of color) it's just bringing attention to a fault. Also, if a black man dares criticize or ignore "acceptable" doctrine as defined by a black progressive, he isn't really a black man, but an "Uncle Tom" or "Oreo."

The blatant racism by progressives is truly pathetic. And worse, they're pushing society to social chaos and violence.