Sunday, December 2, 2012

Logistics: Inexpensive AR Mags.

A reader direcxts my attention to this deal: "New C Products 30rd .223/5.56 curved Aluminum Lightweight magazine for AR15/M16 type Rifles. Feature Chrome Silicon Springs, Black Teflon coated Finish, and C-Products Orange or Black anti-tilt follower." Buy 10 or more at $8.50 each from AIM Surplus.
He notes: "I ordered a dozen for myself and the shipping was less than $11. Not a bad deal." I have dealt with AIM in the past and found them to be excellent on quality and service.


Anonymous said...

Another good place to buy Magazines of many types is

Shipping is included in the price. They also sell CMI M14 mags. CMI is the current USGI supplier of M14 Mags.

Anonymous said...

I've had nothing but excellent service from Aim.


Anonymous said...

I'll second I prefer the NHMTG AR mags with anti-tilts already installed. NHMTG makes them for Colt and the gub'ment. Free shipping too.

Jim said...


This is the offshoot of C Products (without the "LLC")

I called C Products LLC with a warranty issue (the mags would dump rounds and double feed under recoil) thinking I was dealing with C Products. As I understood our conversation , the original C Products company is now out of business and was replaced by the C Products LLC which will not honor warranty issues on the original C Products magazines even though both companies are owned by the same guy.

I won't do business with them.


Good luck.