Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kurt Hofmann: Father of Columbine victim: Stifle individual rights to benefit 'the collective'

The FBI doing "what's good for the collective," 19 April 1993.
More from the collectivist Borg.
[Mauser] blames the American attachment to guns on ignorance, and on immaturity. . . . “We’re still at the stage of rebellious teenager, and we don’t like it when the government tells us what to do. People don’t trust government to do what’s right. They are very attracted to the idea of a nation of individuals, so they don’t think about what’s good for the collective.”
You're right Mauser, I don't trust the government "to do what's right." For that I have a century of evidence backing up my opinion. What did the cops do for your son, Mauser, on that bloody day? Why they surrounded the school and set up a perimeter-- and waited "for safety." A Three Percenter would have pushed forward to the sound of the guns killing the kids. You're perfectly within your rights to draw the wrong conclusion from your son's death, just don't try to force it down my throat contrary to my own life's experiences. Trust the government? You've GOT to be a hive insect to do that.


Crotalus said...

Trust the government, Mauser??? You have GOT to be effin' kidding me!!!

Not after Waco! Not after Ruby Ridge! And most certainly not after "Fast and Furious"!

You don't like it here, get the hell out of my country!

BTW, how's it feel to share the same name as a famous German gun, asshole?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Mauser has been making a living off his kids death for years. He had a decent, well paid, state job at the time. Since then he has been well paid (by whom? Soros?) to push the gun grabber agenda.

Waldo said...

After all the things "government" has done that liberals hate, COINTELPRO, Pentagon Papers, etc., I am always surprised that they trust government to do the "right" thing.