Friday, December 21, 2012

Gun Dealer Discounts Disappearing. Rationing Begins

Nick Leghorn complains about market capitalism.
Which is doublespeak for “screw you, we’re charging what the market will bear no matter how much you sell.”


jon said...

good article, and the comments, too. we have time! don't go crazy. (i do not doubt everyone who reads this already has at least four or five 30-round STANAG magazines, and several of the people who got the link here have probably ten times that.)

CTD is a big retailer that does a lot of business, giving them the eagle eye over any one of us. let them get one step ahead in terms of pricing existing stock for now. let's talk about how to manufacture them instead. we have other people to be one step ahead of.

A Reader said...

If I had to guess, I'd say the manufacturers were preparing for their most successful product lines to be on the wrong side of federal "law", extracting as much profit and operating capital from a willing and desperate market before their business model is thrown in the trash for another decade. If they can pull down enough, maybe a few can survive a return to the pump, wheel, bolt, and lever era.

To hell with the hoplohobes.

Anonymous said...

It's not "screw you", it's economics. The gun industry is probably the least corrupt industry left in the US. People who are asking higher prices are just responding to natural market pressure and scarcity. Prices must rise in order to create an incentive to ration current inventory, and to produce more inventory. Are you selling your magazines for 14.99 to anyone who asks? Didn't think so. I'm not selling mine at all, but I don't begrudge those that raise prices in this environment. This is economics, and it's healthy.

Read Russ Roberts "The price of everything".

Happy D said...

We have sold all of the available AR-15 lowers we carry and all of the production run currently being finished from the same manufacturer.
We did not increase the price at all.

Any new production will be higher because of the increase in price of aluminum from the last lot the manufacturer bought.

Mr. Leghorn may not realize that just that alone has raised the price. Much of the current ARs available were manufactured three years ago. Aluminum prices were lower in many grades.

We had to raise prices on some items just so we can order a new one to take the place of the one we are selling. We may have to do that again tomorrow.

The way guns are sold has changed drastically in the last three years.