Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dutch journalist on America's brewing civil war.

Here's the Dutch original: "Er broeit een burgeroorlog in Amerika" and here's the truly awful Google translation: "There is a civil war brewing in America."
As for the quotes of me, it is impossible to tell which are misquotes by the journalist and which are translation errors. I have not replayed my tape of the interview, but from memory I have corrected the passages as follows:
"I do not want a civil war, but as Obama pushes us (the leave-me-alone coalition) further and further into a corner," says Mike Vanderboegh. He is a blogger and belongs to the radical rightists who believe that America is increasingly oppressed by the power from Washington. "Obama does not yet meet all the characteristics of a tyrant, but it starts looking more and more like it."
Later in the story:
. . . "Leave us alone, that our message," says blogger Vanderboegh. "Just leave us the hell alone." He says it is impossible to know when the rebellion might break out, but according to him, all you need is a determined minority. "We are now the most heavily armed civilian population in the history of mankind. That is a strategic military fact. If the government pushes us too much, then they are in trouble, because at some point we'll shoot back. "
I'm just sorry he left out my opinion of the secession petitions: "They are as significant as masturbation -- they give fleeting pleasure to the participant, have no effect and will be ignored by everyone else including the powers-that-be."


Tasso said...

"... and if you do it in public they'll lock you up."

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Dutch version matches your corrected quotes pretty well.

And he did mention that the expectation is that not much will happen with the petitions, you said it better, but it's the same point :)

Anonymous said...

Totalitarians through history realize that they must liquidate a certain percentage of the populace in order to achieve total control. I think that they believe that they will soon have the means to do this. I'm reading a book by the name of Bloodlands. The methodology of Stalin and Hitler when they began their rise to power is eerily similar to what we see today from team Obama. Evil bastards.

Anonymous said...

The Secession Petitions are the letters written to the King for redress of our complaints. They are as important to the whole as having ammo and a good reliable rifle. Knoking one part because you don't see it as worth while for yourself is how we came to have a fractured Liberty movement. The origins of the TEA Party were in Liberty with 2A core but some do not see the value of the Sheepdog amongst the heard.