Saturday, December 15, 2012

David Codrea: After Newtown shooting, it’s time to have that ‘national conversation on guns’

One of the first observances is that the slaughter took place in a “gun free zone,” mandated by federal law, by state law and by school district policy. Another, a revelation from the ongoing investigation, is that the weapons he used were in compliance with the demands of those who would have us believe “gun show loopholes” are the problem: they were registered.


Anonymous said...

Codrea missteps on one point in this article...

"Whether the perp is deranged or off his meds, it doesn't matter". It absolutely does matter. In all of the shootings we have had including columbine, psychoactive or rssi drugs and extensive psych histories have played huge roles and are totally glossed over. All of them have had predictable roadmaps to disaster: Cho, breivik, klebold, harris, loughner, james holmes, and countless others who perpitrated less reported killings.

Anonymous said...

As much as I admire Mr. Codrea and his erudition, I beg to differ with his timing. Now is not the time to have a "Conversation About Guns".

A great many parents are dealing with the agony of burying their child, and a community (or perhaps better, communities), are dealing with the various levels of grief and loss - not only of those they knew - but gut deep feelings of loss of accustomed safety and security in their familiar world.

Yes the statists and the stalinists and the media are going revel in the gore and delight in "spinning" the holiday tragedies of a lot of ordinary folk to suit their needs. So much so the CTSP has decided to assign each family a trooper to shield them from a pernicious - or perhaps malicious - media.

I humbly request all of us in the "pro-gun community" refrain from commentary or acrimony until after the holidays and these young souls are properly shriven. >Jeff

Jhn1 said...

This seems reason to make ALL new hires for schools military service veterans, with a significant preference for active Reserve status and if you can some preference to combat vets. maybe a third of their total pay. OK to do psyk evals, but find a way for every new teacher, or custodial, or landscaper is somebody who has had the training to respond to armed invasions of a school. If they are active reserves, the governor could order them armed and it wouldn't take any overturning legislators blocking changes of state laws to do so.

Follow the Israeli example. They don't have armed invasions of their schools anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:59, Wrong! Your silence and legitimate but misguided sense of decency, is exactly what the left counts on and feeds off of. What the left is doing right now is getting unobstructed swipes at the "Pinata" as they are allowed to build their case against Our God Given Second Ammendment Right's. The NRA publicly at the very least,along with us on various Blogs and sites,should be meeting them Head on and vociferously,by pointing out how "Gun Free Zones" and the lack of access to Firearms by law abiding citizens contributes to these types of slaughter's.

What do we have instead? Organization's that feed off of our dues such as the NRA are curled up in a fetal position,presenting no opposition or opposing views as Obama and the dems get ready to use this slaughter as a pre-text to take away our God Given Second Ammendment Right's,so the left can enslave and then Murder us unoposed.

Also, what makes you think Obama is going to wait till after Christmas to get some type of Legislation or Executive Order Banning Assault Weapons? Momentum is on his side and he's not going to go off to Hawaii and take the chance of our side being able to build a case to Exercise our God Given Second Ammendment Right's even more. He's going to move fast and your strategy of playing "Nice" only play's into the statist's hand's.

Not fighting to increase and expand our Protection's and Right's under our God Given Second Ammendment, Only increases the chance's that there will be more slaughter's like the one in Connecticut and does nothing but Dishonor the victim's!

Anonymous said...

When will the anti-gun community realize ,it was "gun control" that allowed this to
happen. I agree with Jhn1, allow teachers should be armed and trained.

Robert Fowler said...

Anonymous 5:59,
I don't know when you learned of the shooting. I found out because CSGV (Collectivists Supporting Government Violence)posted a news report and the start of the blood dance when the first report only mentioned one victim. That was about 30 minutes after the shooting started. The police hadn't even got the building cleared and they were already getting victim blood on their shoes. The Batshit crazy Joan from the Brady bunch had her particular bullshit posted by noon CST, about 2 1/2 hours after the shooting. The gun haters are wasting no time and we are going to have to go for the throat. We have to meet this evil head on and strangle the life out of it. That is unless you want to live in a police state. Personally, I don't.

Anonymous said...

Instead of a national conversation on guns, why don't we have a national conversation on "gun free zones" instead??
"Gun free zones" = "criminal shooting empowerment zones."

B Woodman

Jhn1 said...

Not quite, Anon 4:03a.m., it is not only about the armed teachers thing. Arming anti-American "pacifists" won't get us anywhere, even if they were willing to take the training and accept the weapon (probably either left unloaded to be "stolen" or locked away unavailable for use in an emergency). Most (not all) of the non-vet current batch pf teachers would not be any more useful if armed in an emergency.

It would also be the "camel's nose under the tent" for a change in culture of the teachers teaching tomorrow's kids.

Away from Occupy against America to enlisted personnel (or have gone through officer training and served out some term of service) honorably discharged who have likely been in a foreign posting to see how poorly the anti-American systems work when antiAmerican systems are in charge. Away from non work "work ethics" enshrined in socialist teaching materials.

Active reserves makes ongoing drug use less likely. And Veteran's Health Benefits make the cost to the *local* taxpayer lower.

And as we get some number that is "enough" combat veterans (think critical percentage) in there, some of the union scamming will either stop or at least become less blatant.

Sort of a Win-Win-Win-Win