Wednesday, December 5, 2012

AutoZone Fires Worker Who Stopped Robbery

This one is simple: BOYCOTT AUTOZONE.


G. A. Esworthy said...

I sent this letter Monday:

Mr. William C. Rhodes, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Richard C. Smith, Vice President-Store Operations
AutoZone, Inc.
123 South Front Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Dear sirs:

I will be taking my business to O’Reilly, Advance, or Pep Boys after reading reports that you fired Mr. Devin McClean of Virginia for acting responsibly and courageously in the face of an immediate and credible threat to himself, his colleagues, and your property. I will reconsider my decision if and when you rescind your zero-tolerance policy prohibiting your employees from bearing firearms in your stores.


AJ said...

It's always about liability. Next time a criminal gets hurt trying to rob someone, and attempts to sue, the public should lynch his lawyer.

Abram said...

I've been an Autozone customer for several years, and I just sent them an email telling them I'm shopping elsewhere if they don't correct this.

That's my company policy.

Anonymous said...

Send emails directly to Autozone letting them know you won't be shopping there until this man is reinstated.

Call: (800) AUTOZONE (1-800-288-6966)

Email form:

Anonymous said...

Advanced Auto Parts is owned by the same company as Auto Zone.

Boycotte both.

Bravo said...

If the company has a zero tolerance policy of no firearms, Autozone is announcing that their stores are gun-free victim zones ripe for the pickings. Who would want to shop or work there?

Anonymous said...

If you look long enough , you will find a NAPA with the " WARNING - NO UNLOADED WEAPONS BEYOND THIS POINT" sign posted at the front door . ORielly's ... LOL