Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another casus belli unthinkingly proposed by someone who doesn't know dick about small arms ammunition.

Guns need food. Starve them.


Scott J said...

Much of my ammo has been on the shelf since the mid-90s. It performs as new.

On occasion I have had the chance to fire ammo from the 1950s and it performed just fine.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget. The feds have purchased millions of perfectly good ammunition to be taken back by the tax payers that paid for it. If you read the RFPs, it tells where the shipments are going to...

I'm just saying.

I also have my copy of the Department of the Army-TM 31-210...Improvised Munitions Handbook.

A Texan said...

I have shot ammo from the 1960s that sat in a (non-temperature controlled) garage for a large part of that time. It was match ammo, and it performed with match ammo quality after nearly 50 years. I also have WW2-era ammo, and I would seriously advise anyone against standing in front of a firearm in which this ammo was about to be fired.

Oh, and not all powder is compressed in a round, and I'm not even sure that this makes a difference to its useful life. Brass can and is recycled a lot, and can probably be cast easily enough. Bullets we know can and are cast in the billions every year. Primers are a bit problematic, but most reloaders have at least hundreds and even up to 10s of thousands of these. Ammo ain't going away for a LONG time. The writer is an ill-informed moron.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this post will show up or not, but I have to give it a try..

This brings up a couple things to think about:

1. If they can't take us by force and wish to starve us out (ammo), how is ammunition manufactured? How easily can it be done in "underground"(literally and figuratively speaking) facilities by individuals or groups using raw material?

Does anyone have any research on resistance groups and ammunition manufacture? I recall seeing a History Channel episode about an "underground" ammo plant in a farmhouse or something.

2. Sabotaging ammunition is a known tactic. Other countries have made exploding ammo that they let their enemy get a hold of. Can hurt moral. What if the Antis here use something similar: Like using enviro, etc. regulations to make ammunition very unreliable after so many years.