Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Beauty From Kurt Hofmann: What The Well-Dressed 'Insurrectionist' Will Wear.

I love it.
And I like this one better:


Anonymous said...

Where do we buy them?

Anonymous said...

Patches are $5 ea. for one or two, $4 ea for three or more in any combination. For bulk orders of 10 items or more, E-mail for pricing. For the moment, I am only accepting payment via PayPal--those for whom that is a problem can contact me, and we'll figure something out. Be sure to specify which patch(es) you want. To purchase via PayPal use:

45superman at gmail dot com

The Trainer said...

Echo: Who's got 'em and how much??

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA! Oh, this is precious. The revolutionary patriot insurrectionists who are spending all their precious time under the horrible fascist regime preparing for the coming war by...knitting and designing cute little patches to put on their book bags. What's next, a matching Threeper book mark and coffee cup set?

You bunch are beyond laughable. Kurt Hofmann, nice effort to make yourself employable, but you'd do better to go back to school and actually learn a trade. (This'll require some brains, of course, and you give no evidence of any). There aren't enough kooks to buy your dopey patches to make this worth your while financially. Or are you, like the owner of this blog, sucking on the government teat for your rent and food money, and this is only for some extra cigarettes and beer?

What a comedy show.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, struck a nerve ... eh, Commenter #4?!

Anonymous said...

Ad hominem and personal attacks, from an unnamed person.
Who knew?

I did!


Trinity said...

re: anonymous @1835 --

I just love it when a leftist is outraged at something that doesn't affect him/her/it in any way, shape or form, but still has to get their 2 cents worth in. Especially, as in this case his/her's/its intellectual quiver is (once again/perpetually) empty and all they can resort to is ad hominem and belittling character assassinations to express their displeasure at having their PC world ruffled, their programmed indoctrination in serving the Leviathan as taught in school challenged.

Just goes to prove that the fairy tale creatures called trolls are in fact based on real life entities which, unfortunately, walk and even vote among us.

Sean said...

Anon, I find your lack of faith disturbing.

W W Woodward said...

@ Annony nonny 18:35,
Crawl back under your rock, the sun is shining and sunlight is fatal to your kind. Ad hominem attacks are the last card a scoundrel has in his deck and are unwelcome in a civilized society.


When my forefathers gathered at Lexington green, shivered at Valley Forge and in the end went home as free men, they gave you, the anonymous horses ass, the right to spew your venom. Members of my family have since that time served in every war and police action to preserve that right. Never forget that.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

By popular demand, now the "TREASON AGAINST TYRANNY IS FIDELITY TO LIBERTY" patch is available with Velcro backing (some plain-backed ones are still available, as well). The price per patch is $6 for one or two, $4.80 for three to nine, and $3.60 for ten or more. You can still mix and match varieties in order to reach the volume discount (and the plain-backed patches will still be $5 for one or two, $4 for three to nine, and $3 for ten or more).