Sunday, December 9, 2012

Agriculture Secretary threatens farmers to get in line or face being "irrelevant" to American politics.

Unfortunately, this speech is not yet posted on the USDA website so we don't know what sort of "offer they can't refuse" Vilsack made. No doubt we'll find out later "the Chicago way."


Anonymous said...

What would happen if the farmers decided to grow only enough to feed themselves and a few friends and send NOTHING to the big cities. The 47% who depend on the Gubmint handout would surely riot in the streets when the food runs out. Perhaps some mass starvation in the big liberal areas of DC, NYC, Chicago, LA and on and on would sure make for some good reality TV. 'Starvation Wars' sure might be interesting to watch.

Anonymous said...

Those who believe that the farmers who grow the very food that keeps them alive are irrelevant face a very thin future!

Hint - If farmers do not produce food the supermarket shelves quickly become empty - and all the government hot air and debt in the world has no effect upon refilling those shelves.

We truely reap only that which farmers sow.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Vilsack makes a very cogent point.

Exurbanites and government statists think "food is" and readily available from market sources outside the U.S. Their failure to recognize the loss of U.S. arm production's catastrophic effect upon food availability world wide means statists are believing their own propaganda. Next, no doubt, will be a pogrom to "incorporate", (i.e. "collectivize ") farms. History has shown how well that works.

American far mers have long held the nation by the throat. Fortunately, they've been fiercely independent and competitive resulting in the most productive agricultural system/industry in the history of the world. Mr. Vilsack/s message is reminding them of this fact. >Jeff